Optical or laser mouse, full review of gaming mouse and system design

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While mechanical mice have given way to laser and optical mice, there is a high sensitivity for choosing a mouse in the fields of gaming and graphic design due to the need for high accuracy and control in performing design and gaming tasks. In the field of design, to create fine details in designs and maps, and in gaming, accuracy and speed in mouse movements can make a big difference in the performance and efficiency of designers and gamers. Optical mouse and laser mouse have their own features that can improve the user experience. How does an optical mouse and a laser mouse work and what are the differences in their performance and accuracy? If you are looking for a gaming mouse, by examining the needs and requirements in different fields and having enough information in this field, we can make a confident decision. Buy a mouse And the best choice for needs, and personal preferences Over the system With discount code to have

The characteristics of various types of mice can be examined in several fields:

  • The accuracy of the mouse and the sensitivity of its sensors
  • Instant response of the mouse in transferring movements
  • The ergonomic comfort of the mouse that has a suitable and attractive design
  • The ability to customize the mouse and be able to adjust the mouse settings to your style and needs
  • Can be used in special applications such as graphics or games

We want to see how an optical mouse and a laser mouse work and what is the difference in their performance and accuracy. Actually, Mechanical mice, optical mice, and laser mice all work using light as a reference point. Basically, they all have optics-based equipment that uses light in slightly different ways.

Optical mouse

Optical mouse (Optical Mouse) It is a mouse in which an optical sensor is used to detect movement instead of a ball or a mechanical wheel. Note that this sensor uses light or laser to track the movement of the mouse on the surface.

Advantages of optical mouse :

  • High accuracy: Optical mouse using optical technology is able to detect accurate and correct movement of your hand, which allows you to make irregular movements accurately while playing or drawing.
  • Proper performance on irregular surfaces: Optical mice work well on a mouse pad, wooden surface, or metal surface, and in terms of path tracking, optical mice are known to be more stable and consistent. .

Disadvantages of optical mouse :

  • Poor performance on transparent surfaces: Optical mouse does not work perfectly and 100% on glass surfaces. Of course, you can solve this problem with a Pedmos.

Mouse laser

Laser mouse (Laser Mouse) There is another type of mouse that uses laser technology to detect movement. In this type of mouse, a laser beam is used to track movement, which is emitted from a sensor inside the mouse..

The advantages of a laser mouse :

High accuracy:

  • Using laser technology, the laser mouse is capable of more accurate and advanced motion detection. This allows you to use it in precise games that require high accuracy, as well as designs with a lot of details.
  • Better performance on uneven surfaces: The laser mouse works well on uneven surfaces and performs better when you need to move on uneven and irregular surfaces.
  • More configurability: Some laser mice have more configurability that allows you to set your desired settings for accuracy, sensitivity, and mouse speed.
  • Better performance on transparent surfaces: The laser mouse works better on transparent surfaces such as glass and transparent tables. This allows you to use the mouse in environments with transparent and smooth surfaces without problems.

Disadvantages of laser mouse:

  • Although a laser mouse can have very high DPI levels, few people use its maximum DPI.
  • Problems such as vibration and acceleration in the laser mouse are due to the highly equipped and accurate sensor that detects even the slightest indentation, which leads to unstable performance.
  • The higher price of laser mice compared to optical mice

Optical mouse vs Laser mouse from different points of view

Here’s an interesting fact about the nature of optical and laser mice: both optical and laser mice actually use video cameras. Each mouse has a CMOS sensor capable of detecting light, the same technology used in digital cameras. CMOS sensor stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, a type of sensor used in digital cameras that converts light into electrical charge.

In fact, mechanical mice, optical mice, and laser mice are all optics-based peripherals that use light as a reference point to work with. But the method of using light in them is a little different. The main difference between an optical mouse and a laser mouse is their light source. An optical mouse uses infrared LED light to illuminate the surface. The laser mouse illuminates the surface with a laser beam. Depending on the type of game, accuracy, performance level, budget and playing style, both types of mouse can be a good choice.

You can consider the comparison of optical mouse and gaming mouse from different points of view:

Accuracy and sensitivity:

Speed ​​and reaction:

  • Gaming mouse is highly efficient in video games and online competitions due to its high accuracy and fast response. Due to its high speed, the gaming mouse is an excellent and ideal combination for use with a gaming monitor, which is usually large. The design of this type of mouse is such that it accurately detects smooth and real-time movements and transmits them to the system. On the other hand, the optical mouse also has a decent speed, but it is used for more general applications.

Design and special features:

  • Gaming mice generally have a more professional design, designed for greater comfort and performance during long hours of gaming. Also, some gaming mice have special features like button programming and adjustable settings. While the optical mouse generally has a simpler design and is optimized for general use.

Finally, to choose the right mouse, you need to consider your needs and use. If you are looking for high accuracy and fast reaction in gaming games, gaming mouse is more suitable.

In fact, mechanical mice, optical mice, and laser mice are all optics-based peripherals that use light as a reference point to work with. But the method of using light in them is a little different. The main difference between an optical mouse and a laser mouse is their light source.”

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Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both types of optical and laser mice, the right choice for different applications depends on your needs and preferences. In the field of gaming where you need high precision and scattered movements, a laser mouse may be more suitable. But for applications such as graphic design where you need a lot of precision and detail, an optical mouse can be a good choice. In any case, in choosing the right mouse, to Consider your needs, progress and personal preferences. Faraz System is also with you, dear ones, with years of experience in selling products and accessories. You can buy from the official Faraz system store With discount code digi40, buy the best gaming and office mice and other peripheral products at a reasonable price. Please share your experience with us about the gaming mouse user experience.

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