Oxygen-ion battery can be a possible replacement for lithium batteries in the future

Researchers at the Technical University of Vienna New oxygen battery ion have made that has the potential to be used to provide energy for large devices and can be considered as an alternative to lithium batteries. Although this new battery does not have the same energy density as lithium, it has other advantages that make it a desirable option.

What are the features of an oxygen ion battery?

Unlike common lithium-ion batteries, the charge storage capacity of the oxygen-ion battery does not decrease over time; As a result, the useful life of the battery will increase significantly. Also, there will be no need to use rare mineral elements in making these types of batteries; So they cause less damage to the environment. On the other hand, there are no flammable materials in them, and the possibility of fire will be less when using them.

Austrian researchers have used ceramic materials to make a new battery. This type of ceramic has relatively good stability and can release negatively charged oxygen ions. When an electric voltage is applied, charged ions are transferred from one ceramic to another, creating an electric current. Although the working principle of this battery is similar to lithium batteries, ceramic has certain advantages.

Oxygen battery

The element lanthanum (La) is used in the production of oxygen ion batteries, which has a good abundance. However, researchers are trying to replace lanthanum with a cheaper element. Of course, the high price of this material can be economically justified in the long run; Because unlike the current models, this battery does not erode over time and can still maintain its capacity. Even if too much oxygen is depleted from the battery, it can be replaced with oxygen from the air to bring the capacity back to normal.

Currently, the oxygen-ion battery cannot be used to power smartphones or electric cars; Because the energy density stored in it is only one third of lithium batteries. It is worth mentioning that this battery is able to generate electric current only at a temperature of 200-400 degrees Celsius, which is another of its main problems. It is hoped that by removing the obstacles, these batteries can be used to store wind or solar energy; Because their long life reduces the need for periodic service.

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