Panko Word Battle Update | Online word guessing war

Panco has added a series of competitive and tight games, this time with an update “Battle of Words” for players to compete.

We have already introduced Panko game on Zoomji. An attractive game with an online space that allows different players to compete with each other in various games through chatroom and voice chat. Panko’s games series are constantly being updated both in terms of variety in games and visually, and considering the importance of creativity and continuous support, it has been able to attract the attention of players in recent months.

In the latest update of Penco, a new game called “Word Battle” has been added, which is in some ways more creative than the word guessing games on the market. For example, in the battle of words, we see the online competition of players in the role of pirates. Each player receives a role randomly, each role has a unique and differentiating feature compared to the other role.

Panko online word battle game

The story of the game begins in the depths of the oceans where there is a forgotten treasure in the Caribbean Sea, cursed by evil spirits. Now each of the players in the role of pirates must try to find the secret words and reach the treasure using the magic compass in a close competition with each other.

At the start of the game, the same letters are displayed for all players, and players must score as many points as possible in the specified time by guessing the word. For example, if you guess a three-letter word, you will get 5 points, while if you guess a 5-letter word, you will get 25 points. Finally, according to the guessed words, the players’ ships on the map step by step get closer to the treasure. Finally, the player with the most points will win by reaching the treasure.

In addition to guessing the word, it is possible to use the guide and feature of each role for users so that they can not lag behind the competition with other players.

Battle of words online panko ranking

Among the game roles, we can mention Salazar, the governor of the navy with the ability to guess the first letters of words, or Captain Spyro, the soothsayer of the Caribbean sea with the ability to use a magic compass to make a word. These are just two of the 12 current roles in the “Battle of Words” game.

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In addition to the addition of Panko word battle game, with the new update we see the addition of different features to the Panko family name game. Now we see the presence of golden questions in the Penko family name game. In this order, by progressing through the stages of the queen, the executioner, Astaf, the poet Mirkiuz and the magic mirror, they ask questions that failure to answer any of these questions will have serious consequences, including the deduction of points.

Panco has also now added mission and medal functionality to its app. By completing various missions, you can get pencoins, which can be spent in the store. On the other hand, medal creation is another feature added in Panko. With this feature, if you play your roles in different parts correctly. You will be among the medalists in the application.

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