Pejman Nozad topped Forbes’ 2023 list of Midas Seed investors

Forbes magazine updated the new list of the top investors of the seed stage called the Midas Seed list for 2023, and the name of an Iranian can be seen at the top of it:Pajman Nazd“, a former player of Esteghlal youth team who went to Europe and then America years ago and started investing.

In the Midas Seed list, which is published for the second time by Forbes, the names of the top 25 investors in the world can be seen. Pejman Nozad was ranked second in this list last year, but this year it was able to reach first place To be the top seed stage investors.

Pejman Nozad, the founder of the investment company Pear VC and recently a lot of revenue from the IPO of companies like DoorDash And DropBox had. In the next ranks of this list, respectively, the name “Gary Tan” from Y Combinator“Anna Feng” from ZhenFund“Benjamin Laing” of Bling Capital and “David Frankel” from Founder Collective can be seen

Pajman Nazd

In this year’s Midas Seed list, the names of four new investors can be seen:Larry Lee» from Amino Capital, «Anil Ranadeo» from Soma Capital, «Chris Howard» from Fuel Capital, «Jill Ranan» from Cyberstarts.

To evaluate and rank these investors, Forbes magazine examines their conditions through the value of their investments. For example, IPOs or sales of companies with an amount greater than $50 million, or private company valuations with an amount exceeding $100 million are considered a special advantage.

In addition, contracts are important to the Midas Seed list, whose value is from the time the investment begins. triple has been. On the other hand, actors who invest in multiple stages, and angel investors are not included in this category.

The Midas Seed List is a data-driven ranking that is compiled by examining a collection of public information and corporate data. In the 5th to 10th places are Robert Nelson from ARCH Venture Partners, Ben Sun from Primary Venture Partners, Rashma Sohoni from Seedcamp, Ed Sim from Bolstart Ventures and Larry Lee from Amino Capital.

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