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Perfect performance of the PS5 port of Monster Hunter Rise

In its report on the performance of the PlayStation 5 port of Monster Hunter Rise, Digital Foundry has announced the flawless upgrade of Capcom’s fantasy game to Sony’s 9th generation console.

The latest analysis results of the PS5 version of Monster Hunter Rise show the very good performance of the Capcom developers in the port of the action game and the role of the Nintendo Switch to the current generation of Sony consoles. Running the game with a continuous frame rate of 60 and the possibility of using graphics close to the PC version of the game are notable features of the game on PS5.

By choosing the default mode, users can prioritize the frame rate of the game and enjoy the game without frame drops. Of course, for people who care more about the graphic quality of the game, the graphic mode is also considered. In addition, they can set individual features such as the quality of the display of textures and shadows or even the movements of the vegetation of the game environment.

Gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise

Regardless of which game option you choose, Rise almost always hits 60 frame rates and almost always maintains it. Actually Digital Foundry Capcom developers were impressed by the perfect port to transfer the game to Sony’s 9th generation platform. Especially when the graphics-focused mode of the game is activated.

According to the results obtained by the experts of this site, the resolution of Monster Hunter Rise images has increased by 125% and the image ratio is 4800×2700. in quality 4K is coming. In fact, the game uses an anti-aliasing technique to reduce the higher resolution images (at 4.8K level) to 4K, which Digital Foundry described as “clean and flawless”.

Capcom has upgraded this game on Sony’s current generation platform using its RE Engine.

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