Phil Spencer: No one will sell their PS5 for Starfield

Phil Spencer says that just making quality games can’t keep them ahead of the PlayStation.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, said that the Xbox is in the third place in this respect and the idea that Microsoft can gain more market share just by making better games is not necessarily acceptable. . Spencer went on to add that even if Starfield is the best game in the history of the world, it will not be enough to overtake the Xbox over the PlayStation.

Speaking to the Kinda Funny podcast, Spencer stated, “Microsoft’s goal is not to defeat Sony or Nintendo in the console competition, and unfortunately, after losing the Xbox One and PS4 sales competition, the company has no hope of surviving just by selling its consoles. The first place will return.”

Phil Spencer: The reality is that Xbox is in third place in competition with PlayStation and Nintendo.

“We are not in the business of knocking out Sony or Nintendo in the console competition. In fact, there is no practical and good solution for our victory. I know that many people will be angry with this, but the truth is that when you are in the market of the third competition and the first two players of this competition are so strong and they also have a separate focus on other things like making deals and agreements, work for us. It’s going to be tough as an Xbox team. Our vision is for everyone who uses consoles to have a great experience and feel like a first-class citizen.”

Xbox and PlayStation controllers

“People these days can move from one platform to another very easily, at least in a family environment. This makes it very difficult to convince people to change. Even if Starfield is the best game ever, it won’t be enough to overtake the Xbox over the PlayStation. It’s not like you can imagine that if Starfield is 11 out of 10, people will start selling their PS5s and buy Xboxes. This will not happen.”

Spencer, in response to the question, “Well, what is Microsoft’s solution now?” “This company has a unique vision where it is not going to be exclusively focused on one platform,” he said. Instead, Microsoft is building a larger infrastructure that supports games across all platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, and streaming. In short, Microsoft seeks to offer its games on the largest possible platform to reach a wider audience.

Sony and Microsoft's share of the console market

He finally pointed out: “Of course, the console will remain the core of the Xbox brand. We do our best to keep the console experience interesting. Some want to point out that the green team is doing a better job than the blue team guys but I’m just saying that xbox has no chance of winning against anyone else. “We have to go and do our own thing.”

It should be noted that PS5 has sold almost 40 million console units worldwide since 2020. This figure has reached 122 million units for Nintendo Switch, which has been in the market for a longer time. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has not yet published statistics on the sales of new Xbox consoles.

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