Phil Spencer: The Activision Blizzard deal has no impact on the future of Xbox

Phil Spencer said that the future of Xbox is not tied to the Activision Blizzard deal, and even if the deal is blocked, Xbox will continue to work.

Phil Spencer traveled to the UK this week to negotiate and talk with the country’s competition law body. The head of Microsoft’s gaming division will continue to try to convince the organization’s officials that the deal will not harm the competitive aspect of the market after holding a briefing session with the European Union Commission in which he defended the deal to buy Activision Blizzard for 69 billion dollars. hit There is a concern that with this purchase, Microsoft will become a monopoly in the field of the supply of popular works of this company, especially the games of the Kalaf Duty series.

Although this contract will be considered the largest agreement by Microsoft in all areas of the company’s activities, the world’s biggest technology giant in various non-gaming fields, including the development of the Windows operating system as the most ubiquitous operating system used in computers around the world and practical and very popular services such as It operates office and services based on cloud technology.

Activision Blizzard shopping poster and EU flag

In this regard, The Times of England interviewed Phil Spencer and asked him what will happen to Xbox if this important contract is eventually canceled due to the opposition of the legislative bodies. Spencer responded by saying that the future of Xbox and Microsoft’s gaming arm is not dependent on this contract and will continue without it.

“This is an important contract for us, but it is not like our future is tied to it. “Xbox will continue to exist without this agreement.”

Sony and PlayStation are among the most important opponents of this contract, and considering the possibility of monopolistic approaches to games like Call of Duty, they consider these works irreplaceable. This is while Spencer, pointing out that Sony has 70% of the game console market, wonders why the regulators are trying so hard to protect the company from creating more powerful competitors in the market.

Microsoft has just announced its 10-year offer to Sony for the simultaneous release of Call of Duty games on PlayStation and Xbox, but no agreement has been reached yet.

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