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The price of a good smart TV on which we can install various programs and have a full interactive experience is not low. Maybe many of us have to spend a month’s salary or even more to buy such a device, but what is the solution?

Many of us still use LCD and LED TVs in our homes, which have good image quality and size, and their only problem is that they are not connected to the Internet and use different contents and services, in fact, they are not smart!

Now it’s time to learn more about Podbox, a solution for those who don’t want to spend a lot on smart TVs, but want to turn their old TV into a versatile device.

A device that has unlimited access to Iranian and foreign movies and series, is connected to the archives of the most reliable music platforms, podcasts and audio books, can install various apps on it, can run heavy video games with high graphics, all programs It will provide you with live broadcasting of Iranian Radio and Television, connect to the banking portal using the infrastructure of Pasargad Bank and provide you with banking services and have dozens of other services and entertainment in its heart.

The most important thing is that by purchasing Podbox and joining our lovely users, you can use all the contents of Podbox for free! That is, besides spending a very small amount of money (compared to the price of a smart TV), you can turn your regular home TV into a smart TV, you can use the archive of films and podcast series, music, podcasts and audio books, etc., which are daily They are also updated, use them for free.

Wait and don’t go anywhere, you haven’t found a full introduction and familiarity with Podbox yet! Read the rest of the article and join us.

What are the features of Podbox hardware?

Podbox is equipped with the best hardware in order to provide you with a first-class user experience and a wide range of entertainment and services with the best quality.

In terms of hardware, Podbox is less competitive among Iranian products, and considering the content and services it provides, almost no foreign Android box can compete with it.

You can find out the truth of this claim with a simple search!

These are the technical specifications of the podbox:

Four GB of RAM along with 32 GB of internal memory and the use of the Amlogic S905x3 processor can connect you to the big and colorful world of podbox with the least experience of system hang or delay in executing commands.

The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi internet line, after connecting it to the podbox, you can watch all our content online and in the best quality.

If your TV has the ability to broadcast content with 4K quality, what’s better, the podbox also supports this quality, and you can easily watch the most interesting movies and series in the world with extraordinary 4K quality. Forget things like Full HD and step into the world of enchanting qualities!

Now that you are familiar with the Podbox hardware, don’t forget that you can use our Android box to connect to any screen and TV that has an AVI or HDMI input.

It means that you don’t even need to have an LED or LCD TV, it is enough that the device with which you intend to watch and use the podbox has an AVI or HDMI input.

Our suggestion to movie lovers or those looking to watch a live sports program is to use a video projector! You can easily connect the podbox to the video projector and watch the content you want in a bigger and more exciting way.

Podbox gives you an output to connect with any device. Optical audio output, HD cable, LAN cable, AV input and IR input can connect your podbox to any other device.

Podbox services

Let us put your mind at ease right away, until further notice, you do not need to pay any subscription fees to use the contents of Podbox!

In fact, by purchasing the device, you have also paid for the right to use the content of the pod box.

If you want to know about the variety and amount of our contents before buying a pod box, you can easily see and check the contents by installing the pod box plus software.

Podbox Plus is the Android version of Podbox hardware, which you can download and install from Kafebazar or Miket.

Podbox Plus allows you to access our diverse content on Android phones.

Don’t hesitate, this is the best choice you can make today and invite yourself and the rest of the family to buy a Podbox device from Digikala!

Free is a magical word, and a completely magical world is waiting for you inside Podbox.

All the contents of Podbox are currently free and you can find content for any taste, age or mood.

Let’s take a look at the most important services of Podbox and see what is waiting for its users.

Movie and series service

By connecting to one of the best and biggest VOD services, Podbox can make you free from any site, app or other source to watch the latest and newest Iranian and foreign movies and series.

In the podcast movie and series service, in addition to accessing a large and diverse archive of older content, you can watch the latest episodes of series or the latest released movies.

If you are a fan of “The Last of Us” series, you can watch its newest episode on the podcast every week, or if you are a fan of horror movies, you can watch the “M3GAN” movie in the best quality.

The movies and series of the podcast are presented with Persian subtitles and dubbing, and you can watch a content in the original language or its Persian dubbing in the podcast depending on your interest or mood.

Music service

Life without rhythm and song has no taste and charm, and it is music that can match your mood and make your moments more beautiful in the shortest possible time.

In the Podbox music service, you can listen to all kinds of music and songs, make different lists and go to the albums of your favorite singers and musicians.

If you are a fan of traditional music, you like pop or classical music that suits your personality and interests, rock defines you better than anything else or you like fusion and jazz more or … there are plenty of choices for you all on Podbox. There is.

Like the movie and series section, listening to different music in Podbox is also free and you will not pay a subscription fee for it.

Podcasts and audio books

There is a lot of knowledge and information in various fields that many of us do not have the opportunity to read and follow, but one of the best mediums that we have found in modern times has made it easy for us to reach this knowledge and information.

Audio books take us to the corners of the world, they read all kinds of novels and historical, scientific and psychological books to us and open a new window of understanding for us.

Podcasts make us addicted by following the most interesting issues and stories of the world and tell us about everything and everywhere.

Podbox provides you with one of the most complete audio book and podcast archives and keeps you updated every day by adding new audio book titles and new episodes of the most important Persian podcasts. Podbox is the friend that you are ready to listen to for hours!

Be sure that you will not find such a collection of podcasts and audiobooks in any other Android box.

Games and video games

The pleasure of playing on large-sized televisions is one of those things that no one can pass up, let alone the possibility of playing with other family members or friends and acquaintances.

Due to the power of the hardware, Podbox can bring most of the games to your TV screen.

Are you a fan of Asphalt 8 or do you like to play Clash of Clans? Podbox does all the work for you and you just need to find the basics to play!

News and articles

Do you know anyone who doesn’t spend some time every day reading news or articles? We don’t think there is anyone like that!

Podbox keeps you up to date with the latest news by connecting to the most important Persian news agencies. You can also read various articles in the field of tourism or technology or… from the most reliable Iranian sites such as Podbox. Of course, there is also a dedicated section of Podbox magazine, where you can read various articles on topics such as health, history, tourism, various occasions, etc.

banking services

Maybe you are one of those people who like to do your banking while listening to an audiobook or podcast. Podbox is exactly where you can do these things easily and conveniently.

In the financial services section of Podbox, you can pay your various bills, buy a charge for your SIM card, get an internet package or…

In the future, more and more diverse services will be available to Podbox users.

An Android box and all these services!

Podbox package includes Irmos remote control, quick manual, HDMI cable, adapter and podbox device itself.

It’s very easy to operate the podbox and connect it to the TV, and the quick guide will make your work easier.

Working with Podbox is very easy for Farsi-speaking users due to the voice assistant and its optimized environment.

The Irmus Podbox control is equipped with a voice assistant, and in addition to being able to easily move around the Podbox and select and play various contents, it is able to perform all your searches in Persian with high accuracy. We are very happy to meet you! We hope to spend the best moments together.

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