Production of the Vice City series for Paramount Plus by Fifty Cent and the creator of John Wick

After the publication of various rumors, apparently Curtis Jackson, known as Fifty Cent, has reached an agreement with the Paramount Plus network to make the Vice City series.

Over the past weeks, Grammy-winning singer and producer Curtis “Fifty Cent” Jackson has sparked the attention of many of his fans and GTA game enthusiasts by posting mysterious images of the GTA: Vice City logo on his social media.

Many fans have cited Jackson’s close friends and Dr. In 2021, Dre and Eminem mentioned the possibility of Jackson working with Rockstar Games for the next part of the GTA VI game series, while some other gamers saw these posts as a kind of joke with fans waiting for the introduction of the new GTA game.

Now Dedlan reported that the Vice City series is in the works for the Paramount Plus network, that Jackson’s new project is going to be made in collaboration with Chad Stahelski, the director and creator of the John Wick action series, in the coming years.

The Vice City series is going to be made by three film production companies, Lionsgate Television, Paramount Television Studios and Jackson’s personal film and serial production studio called G-Unit. Deadline says the project is the brainchild of Darnell Metaire and Josh Peters, two young Hollywood writers who recently wrote the script for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Curtis Jackson and Stahelski, as producers and directors, will be tasked with portraying the unique world of Vice City. Deadline also shared this synopsis, citing reliable sources who have complete information about the pre-production process of this highly anticipated series:

Vice City [نام موقت] It tells the story of three old comrades-in-arms returning to the corrupt city of Miami in the mid-1980s, after being dishonorably discharged from the US Army for their involvement in the great McFarlane political scandal. Humiliated, dishonored and forgotten by the country they were once proud to serve, the financial needs of this trio, no longer having jobs in their homeland, lead to the formation of a professional robbery ring after meeting a mysterious Colombian immigrant. will be Thirsty for the tempting greenbacks, this criminal gang will cross any dangerous and violent red line to achieve the American dream that was stolen from them.”

The project has just begun pre-production under the working title Vice City, although it is not yet clear if the final title of the series will change. On the other hand, the title of Vice City is a direct take from the name of the city adapted from Miami in the game GTA Vice City. Many fans believe that the choice of this name for a story that takes place in the iconic city of Miami in the 80s could lead to a lawsuit against Tikto Interactive, the owner of the brand and the GTA series.

However, we should not forget that according to many reports, the name Vice City itself was inspired by the classic and very popular series Miami Vice on the NBC network from 1984; A work that Sam Hauser, the president and founder of Rockstar Games, has mentioned as one of his personal favorite works in the entire world of cinema and television. Also, two songs in the hip-hop style in 2014 and 2015 by XXXTentacion and Black Hippy are also among the works that have been legally released under the full name of Vice City in recent years, although it is not yet clear the final reaction of Rockstar to the series Vice City, which was set in Miami in the 1990s. 80 will happen, how will it be.

miami beach

Jackson had just introduced the Vice City series as bigger and more powerful than the TV series Power. Nine years ago, after parting ways with Dr. Dre’s personal music label, Aftermath Entertainment, Jackson decided to focus more on the projects of his own film studio, G-Unit Film & Television, founded in 2003. have The crime series Power of the Starz network, which has produced many spin-offs and sequels, is considered Jackson’s biggest project in recent years, in addition to acting, writing and directing.

The Fightland series centered on the mafia of professional boxing, three sub-spin-offs of the BMF series, and the production of horror films in collaboration with Eli Roth, the director of the horror genre and the film Borderlands, are among the other film projects of Fifty Cent and G-Unit Studio in the coming years. He is also set to star in two movies, Skill House and The Expendables 4, which are set to be released in September.

John Wick: Chapter 4, which will be released on March 24, 2023 (April 3, 1402), and Ghost of Tsushima are Stahlski’s current future projects; However, there is still no information about the possible production date of Vice City or its possible actors. Also, some rumors from other sources point to Paramount’s previous plans to invite Ray Liotta, the actor who played GTA: Vice City’s Tommy Versti, in one of the main roles in the series before his sudden death in May of last year.

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