“Professional Internet” is the request of some startup kids

Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi, Vice President for Science and Technology, announced that the Internet with different levels of access is an intermediate solution and strategy for the current state of the Internet in the country. According to him, this is a request that many “startup kids themselves” have from the Vice-Chancellor of Science and Technology.

The issue of class internet with different names such as “professional internet” or “special internet” has been a hot topic in recent months and many managers of the innovation field, experts and specialized media in the field of technology have shown their serious opposition to it and warned about the obvious discrimination in the implementation of such a plan. have given.

This is while the vice president presented a new version of requests to receive this type of internet at the public relations day commemoration ceremony at Innovation Factory.

The emphasis of the scientific vice-chancellor on “professional internet”

Dehghani Firouzabadi said at the PR Day event about “Professional Internet”: “One solution is to give up. Another solution is to tweet like some gentlemen and say that today I spoke with the president and promised cooperation, then everyone claps for me and nothing happens tomorrow.”

He also said: “One approach might be to show on the surface that I care a lot for the Internet and no one listens to me; Then I will participate in the next election tomorrow. I have not chosen these approaches. “My approach was to see that today our children need the Internet to continue their business.”

The president’s vice president for science and technology also continued his explanation and said: “Today, some people are forced to go to another country for some work and do their work there. So, at least we should be able to offer internet freedom to children in this innovation factory that is different; Like the university internet.

Firouzabadi added: “When I go to university, I have access to things and databases that my home internet does not have access to. Even since the old days, the internet speed in the university has been better than the home internet. The issue of higher speed in the university is also discussed in many parts of the world.

Let’s die or accept!

Pointing to the impossibility of fundamental changes, he said: “However, in the current situation, we cannot reach 100; “Either we have to say zero and die, or we can say let’s get to 20 or 40 and work for the kids for whom the Internet is important.”

The scientific deputy of the president also added: “I did not come up with these myself. These same children, some of whom may be here now, come to me and say, can’t you do something for us? At least we are here [کارخانه نوآوری آزادی] Can we have a proper internet? These concerns are transmitted from the children themselves. This is an intermediate solution and strategy that I hope to be able to do.”

The campaign against class internet or emphasis on professional internet?

This comment of the scientific and technological deputy of the president is in a situation where the issue of class internet has always been accompanied by widespread opposition after the widespread filtering that took place in October 1401. This opposition went so far that a campaign was formed by the opponents of this plan.

Following the formation of this campaign under the title “Collective agreement for non-use of class internet”, the opponents of class internet announced: “The signatories of this campaign declare their strong opposition to “class internet” under any title such as special internet, professional internet, etc. We have and promise that we will not use this discriminatory possibility.”

This opposition is to the extent that after Firozabadi’s comment that “startup kids themselves” have expressed such a request, we again saw a wide reaction of the opponents of class Internet on social networks. Some activists of the innovation and startup ecosystem have also emphasized that they are still against such a plan and want Firouzabadi to clarify his opinion and publish the names of those who want this internet.

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