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Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of new marketing methods, continuing business does not work with traditional methods alone. Because continuing to use traditional marketing methods for business causes the loss of a large amount of customers. What do you think is the reason for this?!

We are all looking for more sales! So it’s better to get familiar with the types of marketing methods that can help increase sales of business goods or services.

If you like to learn new marketing methods, you are one step ahead of your competitors! In this article by Pulse Marketing Creative Agency Prepared and edited, we intend to provide you with one of the most cost-effective marketing methods SEO site Familiarize and the advantages of using SEO services to fully explain to you.

So stay with us until the end of this article.

Why does SEO increase sales?

In order to fully understand the impact of SEO in increasing the sales of your products, let us introduce you to the concept and performance of SEO. What exactly is SEO?

According to Pulse Marketing, SEO refers to the set of actions an SEO specialist takes to get a site to the first page of Google on a number of specific keywords. SEO Or search engine optimization.

Now this process SEO site How does it make our products sell more?

About 6 billion searches are done on Google every day. Of this amount of searches, the share of Iranians is about 135 million searches per day! Now suppose you can search your market share from this amount. Boooom!!! There will definitely be a huge change in your sales.

Advantages of using Pulse Marketing’s SEO services

Now that you are aware of the importance of SEO for a website, it is time to examine in detail the benefits of using professional SEO services and introduce you to this new marketing method. Stay with us.

1. Helping business branding and making your brand known

If your site is displayed on the first page of Google and users see your site in Google results (SERP), it is obvious that your brand and products are better known and many customers use your products often. Because now, in addition to the traditional marketing method that included visiting and distributing tracts, you have exposed your product to people all over Iran and even the world.

Pulse Marketing will bring your site to the first page of Google by performing basic SEO techniques and using SEO tricks on time.

2. Multiplying the sales of products

An increase in customers often means an increase in sales for your business. With SEO, your customers will increase and your business will experience serious growth. Using SEO services, you can get results faster and easier than other marketing methods.

3. SEO, the best way to know the needs of customers

One of the benefits of SEO for business owners is that it keeps you informed of changes big and small in the consumer markets. Therefore, you know your target community and as a result, you know to whom you should sell your products.

4. Round-the-clock advertising of your business

Most of the marketing and advertising methods have a short life and as soon as the time of that advertisement expires, and its effect lasts only until the end of the advertisement. But when your site reaches the first page of Google, depending on the type of SEO strategy you have set, your site will maintain its position and will be shown to the user all the time. This means that nowadays SEO is a more cost-effective marketing method than other marketing methods.

5. Get more market share

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, you always need to compete with other businesses to find customers. Statistics show that sites that are on the first page of Google account for more than 90% of traffic. So, with the help of SEO services, you can allocate more market share to your business in the long run.

6. Measurable SEO results

You can measure the results obtained through SEO and calculate the amount of site traffic, conversion rate and profile of your users. This work allows you to have a precise and correct analysis of your marketing strategy and constantly improve your business growth strategy according to the customer’s taste and behavior.

Now that you know the advantages of SEO as one of the best and most cost-effective marketing methods, it’s time to make a choice! Do you really want to multiply your sales? Or do you still have doubts?

If you have made your decision, you should know that in order for your product or service to be seen in the first results of Google, first of all, to a Professional SEO consultant you need We are consultants The pulse of marketing We introduce to you. Pulse Marketing by providing expert advice, analysis SEO site and other optimization related services, a basic program for Website optimization You will provide. In this way, by carrying out the specified programs, your site will be ranked high in Google results after optimization and improvement. This will increase the number of visitors to your site and increase your income and profit.

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