Prohibition of saying the word zombie by the makers of The Last of Us series

In a recent interview, one of the producers of The Last of Us series talked about the special restrictions that were set for the people behind the scenes of the production of this series.

Eben Boulter, the cinematographer of four episodes out of 10 episodes of the first season of The Last of Us series, in his recent interview with The Credits. It is said that the introduction of this work as a zombie-oriented series or the use of this word in general for the animated dead characters of this series was strictly prohibited in the shooting scene. He says in part of his statement about this:

“We didn’t have the right to the same Z word speak on stage. This word was like a forbidden term for us. We call these characters “infected” or “infected” and this series is not a zombie-oriented work. Of course, there are tension building and exciting horror scenes here too, but this work is deeply about its characters, and the sufferers that exist in its world are simply obstacles that they have to deal with.

An infected person on the shattered wall of the last of us series

“Of course there are many things that The Last of Us has nothing to do with. This is not a stereotypical zombie movie; Last of Ace is not a noisy Hollywood work where all the close-ups are perfect and perfect. Here we are facing a world of cinematic naturalism that I really feel.”

In the world of The Last of Us, the human population has been brought to the brink of destruction by a brain-eating fungus. While the dead behave like zombies in this era, apparently they are completely different from these fictional creatures in movies and games, and the reason is the growth of this fungus in the host’s body. These walking dead in Last of Ace are called clickers and blotters, the difference between them is in what stage of infection development they are. A bluster’s body is completely covered with fungus.

Clickers in the Last of S series

The team of creators of this series had created such a thing in the fifth episode of The Last of Us by using real prosthetics on the body of a stuntman. Barry Gore, the prosthetics designer of the special effects of this series, recently said in an interview with Variety:

“We had a full body replica of the stuntman, on which we modeled the inflated prosthetics in clay. Then we molded it into a mold made of foam and latex sponge, which was very light and lightweight. Then a separate team was responsible for assembling all the parts from the upper half of the body to the head, arms and legs and they installed a zipper up to the back of the waist where we could close the dress. “Later, various mushroom folds were hung on this part to hide the zippers and the joints.”

The new episode of The Last of Us series airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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