Publishing the details of the new update of the 9th generation version of The Witcher 3

Update no 4.01 version of the 9th generation of The Witcher 3 has made changes in one of the merchants of the game.

The latest update of The Witcher 3 game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X The Xbox Series S has been released, which has made changes to one of the game’s merchants. More specifically, there is a Zarad in Novigrad whose famous greeting was removed in the next-gen version.

In the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version, whenever Geralt spoke to him, he would reply, “Wow, first class swords.”Top notch swords) and fans were upset that this sentence was replaced with a more generic sentence in the Complete version. But to the public’s satisfaction, the newly released patch 4.01 brings back this dialog and it seems CD Projekt Studio is really listening to the fans’ requests.

The dialogue of one of the merchants of The Witcher 3 game

But this is not the end, and this popular merchant now has new swords for sale. Their names are the Witcher Steel Sword and the Witcher Silver Sword, both at the level Relic are located. The level of these swords is according to Geralt’s own level, and even if you have advanced in the game, you can go to the store and these swords have good points and attack.

These two swords are based on the E3 2014 trailer of The Witcher 3 game, in which Geralt was shown with two swords and their scabbards; However, these two designs did not make it to the main game. But fortunately, with the recent update, you can buy these swords.

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