Radeon RX 7600 and RTX 4060 Ti performance results revealed in 3DMark

The results obtained from the performance comparison of AMD Radeon RX 7600 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics cards have been published before the release of these products.

With the development of upscale graphics technologies and new innovations such as ray tracing, gamers can see a significant change in the performance of their graphics card by activating an option. Therefore, maybe the 3DMark benchmark is not a suitable tool for comparing modern graphics cards. However, the data obtained from 3DMark and especially its graphics score can be stable and comparable benchmarks for GPUs. Especially when we consider all the popular benchmarks in these comparisons.

3DMark Presentability DX11 and DX12 and now it has ray tracing tests and in this review also FireStrike, TimeSpy and Speed ​​Way tools To compare two graphics cards on the verge of release AMD Radeon RX 7600 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti are used.

Comparison of Radeon RX 7600 and RTX 4060 Ti performance in 3DMark

There is no doubt that the RTX 4060 Ti A faster GPU than Radeon RX 7600. Nvidia’s latest GPU is faster than the red team’s representative in the DX12 and DX12/RT tests, and seems to outperform the RX 7600 in the TimeSpy test by 24-25% and in Speed ​​Way by 63%. However, the difference in the performance of these two cards in the FireStrike test is a single digit difference and RX 7600 with 92% performance and RTX 4060 Ti is present in this comparison with 97%.

In terms of upgrading from generation to generation, it should be said that RTX 4060 Ti 8GB On average 10% faster than RTX 3060 Ti Appeared and the difference RX 7600 and RX 6600 reaches 34%. Of course, the data obtained from the simulator tests will be different from the actual gaming performance.

Radeon RX 7600 and RTX 4060 Ti performance in 3DMark

It should be noted that the data obtained from the RTX 4060 Ti/RX7600 performance comparison is obtained from several sources and the average values ​​are mentioned in this comparison. Both cards use early pre-release drivers and it is likely that the final driver released for each of them will affect the performance of these two GPUs.

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