Rast China, the startup of Iran’s WordPress market, has turned 10 years old

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How likely do you think it is that the founders of a business manage a professional business for years without ever meeting?

This news is not about a foreign startup. This news is about an entirely Iranian startup whose founders, one in Tabriz and the other in Shahrekord, have set up a business that has turned 10 years old today, without meeting or knowing each other. In this article, you will read about the story of the formation of the Right China.

Rast China is the first and largest supplier of Iranian web designers’ products. Anyone without programming knowledge can have their own professional website with just a few simple clicks and installation of the right products.

The story of the start of the right Chinese startup

In 1991, when Peyman Naimi was a student in Tabriz, he simultaneously accepted two “Right China” projects. Peyman thought that the WordPress templates he designs or Persianizes for his projects can be needed by other users. For this reason, he thought of selling these products on a separate platform.

Finally, in May 1992, the initial version of the Rastchin website was created. At the same time, it created the ability for other WordPress developers to sell their WordPress products in the right China.

5 months later, Kamran Yazdania bought a product from Rast China in Shahrekord and became a customer of Rast China. Kamran always made attractive offers to the Right China to help the development of the Right China, and he made these offers through email with Peyman.

Finally, Peyman Naimi contacted Kamran Yazdaniya and offered to cooperate for the expansion of the Right China. After email correspondence, Peyman and Kamran start working together. In this way, Iran’s first market police was formed by these two in the field of WordPress products, and this was the beginning of 10 years of continuous efforts for the Chinese startup.

The interesting thing about Peyman and Kamran is that these two meet each other for the first time after 6 years at the Elcamp exhibition in 1998, and this is their only meeting.

You must be wondering how these two people trusted each other all these years? When you talk to them, they say, we never looked at what the other was doing. Each of us was doing our job to the best of our ability. The tasks were clear. Basically, partnership is not a math chart. It totally depends on personality and pragmatism.

In Tabriz, he was working on the development and infrastructure of Rastchina, and in Shahrekord, Kamran was promoting the field of marketing and sales, supporting and attracting developers. This made them both complement each other, cover each other’s weaknesses, and the work went on in the best way.

The results of China’s right-wing efforts in these 10 years

Going through this 10-year path in the city was not easy, but the support of Rast China users for the brand due to their complete satisfaction with the products has made Rast China to have attractive and important achievements. On the other hand, China has been trying to maintain itself as the market leader by examining the market needs and providing superior services. These reasons have made the Chinese right to reach records and audible achievements. These include:

  • Iran’s first market police
  • The first legitimate WordPress market platform
  • Record the highest number of customer satisfaction from purchasing WordPress products
  • The record for the most sales of WordPress products in one day
  • Over 2,600,000 minutes of attendance on Black Friday 1999
  • Received more than one million satisfied customers
  • More than 3200 direct employment
  • More than one million websites use China’s right products

Development of Chinese right human resources in different cities

Rast China started its activity by setting up 2 offices in Shahrekord and Tabriz, employing 5 people and 47 products. Then he started to develop human resources, so that now more than 70 people are working. Even in the conditions of retrenchment of the workforce, not only was there no retrenchment, but also recruitment in various job positions and there was a 30% growth in human resources.

The third office of Rast China was also opened in Tehran in 1401 and now different teams are working in these three cities. Today, Rast China has two offices in Shahrekord, one in Tabriz and one in Tehran.

China’s right-wing activist offices

The challenge of startup development in the city

As you know, Rast China is a startup that has grown outside of Tehran’s metropolitan area. The lack of expert staff in the web and digital field has been the main challenge for the Chinese right.

However, direct training, providing educational facilities such as virtual courses, getting advice from experts in different sectors and examining the experience of other businesses were some of the creative solutions that Kamran and Peyman have used to cultivate expert staff and completely overcome the human resources challenge of Rastchina startups. to solve This issue can be like a bright light for all startups active in the cities so that they don’t feel limited to a place and don’t wait for a miracle for their progress.

How did China achieve success?

After 10 years, Rast China has more than 50% of the market share and today it is known as the leader of the WordPress market in Iran. The main reason is the satisfaction of the customers, whose tickets are answered within 2 hours and they are sure of the quality and practicality of the products they choose.

One of the reasons for the satisfaction of users from Right China is the provision of products in accordance with current trends that meet the needs of users, for example, now that artificial intelligence tools are leading all over the world, chatgpt plugin, which is a complete plugin for creating content with chatgpt has presented

On the other hand, allocating the most possible profit to WordPress developers who sell their products in Rastchina and are fully confident of the safety of sales through smart licenses, has made Rastchina cooperate with more than 2000 developers.

In addition to the fact that Rast China has been able to change sales records by managing supply and demand in Iran’s best WordPress police market, it has always sought to provide special services to its users and developers. Providing “participation in purchase profit (cashback) system”, “automatic product update system”, “accurate and timely support” and “free consultation” are some of the most important features of the right chain to its users.

On the other hand, for developers, we also offer “product sales and visit analysis system”, “full installation and setup profit deposit”, “free advertisement of products”, “support of Iranian products”, “instant deposit of developer income” and “smartness of sales income” “Products” are some of the special features provided by China to developers.

Now after 10 years, Rast China is celebrating its 10th birthday from May 10th to 20th. 10 hard and prosperous years that, according to Kamran Yazdania (co-founder of Rastchina), we always tried to be the first. We still have bigger dreams for Right China and we still have bigger services to offer to our dear users.

You are invited to Right China’s 10th Birthday Festival; Amazing discounts are waiting for you in this festival. In addition, you can see the changes in the version of the Right China site from the beginning to the present day and try your luck to get more discounts by playing games and entertainment.

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