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Ravenlok game with its attractive and colorful world provides the player with a relaxing and less challenging experience.

It has been a while since the game Ravenlok was released for Xbox and PC consoles, and it has been available to Game Pass users since the day of release. The story of this game is a new look at the fairy tale story. A kingdom has been endangered by a corrupt queen and now its fate is in the hands of a teenage girl who must save the world according to prophecies. Ravenlock game is actually the new work of Cococucumber studio, the makers of Echo Generation game, which promises a relatively different experience to players.

The Ravenlok game begins with a training section, where the player is first introduced to how to play a game stage, and then the character fights and how to use the powers provided to him. The gameplay of this action role-playing game is very simple and trivial, and the player is not going to face a big challenge during the game. At first, we will discuss how to advance the steps; Where the player must find a specific object to complete the story in a different environment.

Rabbit's house and the main place to get the Ravenlok game mission

The gameplay and combat system of Ravenlok are too simple and mundane

To find the correct location of these objects and items required for a story quest, the player needs to pay close attention to the dialogues and conversations of the game characters and those who give him the quests. During it, you have to face many enemies, but eliminating them is not going to take you to a special challenge. The battles of the game are very simple and although you see various enemies during the game, they are not very different from each other and almost all of them can be eliminated in the same way.

Of course, by advancing the story and opening up more environments, we will encounter different and stronger enemies, which can be a little more challenging than the initial enemies, but with a little proper use of resources and timely Parry, you can play the game even without a End the death. It seems that the goal of the creators was not so much to trouble the player, but this issue can become the uniformity of the game and practically the player gets bored of seeing a group attack only after entering each environment and easily defeating them. He walks, gets dizzy and gets tired.

The world inside the painting and meeting a rabbit in the game Ravenlok

Also, by advancing the story, the player is given new powers that allow the player to better fight new enemies and eliminate them. Of course, upon returning to the environment, these unfortunate enemies will return, and of course, it is not always necessary to destroy them. Also, the game has quite a lot of boss fights, which again, like the enemies you encounter in every environment, their differences are more apparent than actually different.

The boss fights actually, although they may have different power, but most of them can be defeated in the same way, and except for one or two boss fights, almost the rest of them are not going to challenge you much; Especially the final boss fight of the game is very simple and trivial. Of course, not all boss fights are present in the story section, and some of them are in the secondary stages of the game, so you don’t have to face all of them.

Hydra boss fight in Ravenlok game

Ravenlok game has pixel graphics and attractive and relaxing art

This problem is partly due to the artificial intelligence of the game. In the Ravenlock game, the enemies attack the player in the form of a herd at first, which makes you very quickly have a specific tactic to destroy them. They are not going to do anything else and this is repeated in all sectors. Also, the boss fights will repeat one or more moves during the fight, which you will notice with a little attention, and this issue is repeated during the game, boss fights and different enemies.

But killing each boss fight gives you a new weapon or skill, encouraging the player to fight each of them. This issue mostly originates from the combat system of the game, which has a simple design. Although unlocking more powers solves this problem to some extent, the combat system of the game could have been more varied instead of being implemented in this uniform way without special design in the game.

Corridor where the tailor rats are in the game Ravenlok

In any case, the gameplay of Ravenlok is designed to be very simple, which can be due to the studio’s ability, or whether the creators may have done this by accident or on purpose. In fact, the player controls a teenage girl in the game, and obviously it is not very believable that this character is brought to a world where he has to face powerful and invincible enemies. Although this still cannot be a logical reason, it can still make it seem more logical from a story point of view.

The story of the Ravenlock game is actually the same story as Alice in Wonderland, where the character is brought from the real world to another world to save the game world from an evil queen. During the story, you have to help fantasy characters like rabbits and witches and encounter creatures like crabs or three-headed snakes. In any case, the game is not going to provide the player with a very long experience, and we are mostly dealing with an almost familiar story, of course, the duration of the game is consistent with its story potential.

The main character of the game Ravenlok above the head of the boss fight Youth Slayer

Ravenlok’s camera can be annoying in combat, especially boss fights

The game has attractive pixel graphics that make it look attractive and different. The remarkable thing is the good variety of game environments, and in fact, by traveling to each environment, we see a different and special design. This variety makes the player not feel repetitive and monotonous upon entering each environment and makes him search in the environment to find more items. In any case, the Ravenlok game has attractive and special artistic graphics, whose pixelated design has made some of the game’s problems less visible.

But the game has two major problems. The first problem is the game camera, which can be annoying in many moments. The game’s camera is fixed, which may cause the player to not be able to see the enemies properly during the battles, or it can be very annoying in the boss fight. This also applies to searching in an environment and finding certain items, and even if you get used to the game camera, its problems cannot be ignored and will stay with you until the end of the game.

The first heart required to open the gate in the game Ravenlok

The second problem, which is smaller, is the amount of dialogues. Since the game doesn’t have voice acting, it can be very boring to read all the dialogue without skipping it. While this shouldn’t be a huge problem in itself, when the player needs to jump into a new mission to find a story item, it’s possible that they’ll get bored of the characters talking and inadvertently skip an important dialogue.

The Ravenlok game is not going to offer a very special and different experience to the player, and with simple gameplay and mundane battles and average artificial intelligence of the enemies, it offers a short and simple experience with a familiar story in the style of Disney works. which has problems like the annoying camera. But on the other hand, if you are looking for a relaxing experience and want to get away from the atmosphere of serious and violent games, Ravenlock can be an interesting and attractive choice with its pixel graphics and attractive art.

The game is reviewed on Xbox Series X.

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