Registration of the trademark of the new horror game Soda 51 and Swery65

A new trademark for a horror game by Goichi Suda (Suda51) and Hidetaka Suhiro (Swery65) has been registered, confirming the game project called Hotel Barcelona. It is still ongoing.

Giochi Soda (Goichi Suda), game designer and creator of works such as No More Heroes Among the people of the Internet, more with the name Suda51 It is known, during the Japanese stream IGN in 2019 from its collaboration with Hidetaka Suhiro (Hidetaka Suehiro), the creator of Deadly Premonition, which Swery65 It is known that he announced to build a joint project in the future. At that time, it was announced that the two were planning a horror game called Hotel Barcelona to design

Suda confirmed in July 2021 that the two still have plans to make the game, and now with their joint trademark registration, it looks like the project is still on.

On March 25, 2022, White Owls Studio, owned by Swery65, registered Hotel Barcelona and Death Game Hotel trademarks on Japanese platforms, both of which are still active, VGC reported. On October 27th, the international registration of their trademark was done and it is currently in reserve status.

Goichi Suda and Hidetaka Suehiro

These trademarks generally include goods and services such as computer game software, virtual reality headsets, computer hardware, audio playback tools, and personal digital assistants. It is not yet clear whether their trademark registration will mean an imminent unveiling of the final game. However, it seems that work on these projects continues behind the scenes.

Suda and Suehiro In 2019, they said about this game that their creation will probably have several storylines that include a “100% evil hero” and a mysterious murder case; A case in which people inside the hotel mentioned in the name of the game are killed. It seems that this game is part of the series Siren It takes inspiration from the closed PlayStation Japan studio and will be quite familiar to players.

The developers of this game from their desire to choose Devolver Digital They announced as the publisher of this game. Devolver Digital tweeted that it did not know about this game, but expressed interest in introducing it.

On the other hand Kiichiro Toyamacreator of the Silent Hill series on IGN Stream He said that he was interested in working with the creators of this project. But since then he has been busy establishing a studio Bokeh Game has been working on his first game in recent months; A horror movie called Slitterhead.

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