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Release of a short video of the DLC gameplay of Forspoken

Additional package In Tanta We Trust Play Forspoken which is scheduled to be released this summer, was featured in a short clip on the game’s launch day stream.

Play Forspoken It was recently released for PlayStation 5 and PC, and news about its add-on packs is already coming out. this DLC Called Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, it will apparently add Tanta as a playable character. Now, during the stream of the game release day, a short clip of the content gameplay In Tanta We Trust shown to the players. this DLC It will be published as a prelude to the events of the game.

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust DLC

In this video of a few seconds, which can be seen at 1:04:15 of the Square Enix stream, we see the two characters of the game while passing by the rocks. On the opposite side, a huge structure is placed in front of them and it seems that this area is surrounded by a dome. Although the end is not clear. These two characters may be tantas who are the negative characters of the game Frey, are the protagonists of the main game. Probably here more about their history and how to rule Athia We will know when they arrive.

The feedback of the audience and critics towards the new production Luminous Productions It was different and some parties did not have a favorable opinion about it. Play Forspoken It is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console for two years, and only PC users can experience it outside of the Sony platform. Share your comments about this game with Zumji and other users.

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