Remmyo’s sleep language can enable concept transfer while dreaming

Our brain is active even during sleep and can take control of the situation while having lucid dreams. Therefore, researchers have recently tried to make it possible to communicate concepts during lucid sleep with the help of a new language.

According to AresTechnica, a lucid dreamer knows that he is dreaming and can therefore manipulate his sleep. Michael Raduga, a sleep expert from Phase Research Center language has invented that can provide the possibility of communication during this state of sleep.

This language with name Remmyo The first of its kind, it works based on the movement of certain facial muscles that twitch during REM sleep. “Remio” language can be learned while awake like any other language. As a result, by learning it, people can talk to others while lucid dreaming.

How does Romeo’s sleep language work?

Remio from Six sets of facial expressions It is formed that can be by Electromyography sensors (EMG) to be identified. The small electrical impulses that reach the facial muscles cause the muscles to move even during sleep, and these movements can be identified and translated on the computer.

Raduga says they can even instantly translate a person’s words in Remyo. Voice or to another language translate In an experiment to evaluate this system, he gathered a number of participants and taught them the Romeo language. Then, these people were taught to be able to enter the lucid dreaming state and to inform the researchers of entering this state.

Next, the scientists monitored the participants’ faces using EMG sensors to detect movements and translate them with software. At the end of the work, it was found that the effectiveness of Remio language in transferring the concept between 13 to 81 percent It fluctuates. However, Raduga expects to be able to obtain more stable results by improving translation methods in the future.

The results of this research have been published in Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research and Practice.

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