Removal of Square Enix’s online service from Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy game

After the separation of Square Enix and Idas Montreal, we now see the removal of the Square Enix Members service from the game Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy.

Less than a year after the separation of Idas Montreal and Square Inks after the purchase of the western studios of this Japanese publisher by Embriser Group, now it seems that the last traces and works of Square Inks have been completely removed from the game Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy.

Yesterday Idas Montreal announced the end of support for this game from the Square Enix Members online fan club service. We know that Idas Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy does not have any online or multiplayer parts, but before this, players could unlock certain rewards and items in the game by connecting their Square Ink account. On the other hand, the publisher of the game Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy has changed to the Idas Interactive collection on the Steam store and other digital stores, which shows the complete separation of Idas and Square Inks.

Also, according to the confirmation of Idas and apparently due to the problems related to the music license and art book of the game, the sale of the deluxe version of the game will be stopped forever from February 21 (March 2), and it will not be possible to buy it for new users in any of the digital stores. had Users will also no longer be able to receive 25 Square Enix Members website points by purchasing the physical version.

Of course, it is clear that buyers who currently own this version of the game or purchase the deluxe physical version of the game will still be able to use and activate this unique content. These items include the City-Lord and Sun-Lord skins for the Star Lord character in addition to the digital soundtrack album and game art book. In addition, before connecting the user’s personal Square Ink account in the main menu of the game, the exclusive War-Lord skin for Star Lord was available to gamers for free, but now with the removal of this service from the game, the only way to get it is through a quest. The sub will be in the 13th chapter of the game.

The Guardians of the Galaxy battle with the space enemy in the Guardians of the Galaxy game

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Despite the complete purchase of Idas Montreal, Idas Shanghai and Crystal Dynamics by Embriser Group, there is still not much information about the status of the contract between these studios and Marvel Games regarding the possibility of their cooperation in the future. Since last year, the fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy series have been waiting for the confirmation of the next episodes of this game, which has also received the award for the best narrative at the Game Awards 2021; But apparently, with the official announcement of the end of Crystal Dynamics studio’s support for Marvel’s Avengers game and the stop of selling the deluxe version of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy, it seems very unlikely that this cooperation will continue in the coming years.

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