Renault Duster, Arcana, Symbol and Taliant will enter our country? Will Renault return?

According to information from knowledgeable sources, one of the private sector assembly companies, the program Import of crossovers and economical sedans of Renault has taken forward. According to preliminary information, the aforementioned crossover will be the new Renault Duster model, which, despite its economic characteristics, is considered one of the best-selling cars of this class in Europe, and the mentioned sedan is very likely to be the model Arcana It will be considered an economic crossover sedan.

The import of crossovers and economical sedans of Renault has no conflict with the price ceiling mentioned in the regulations. Price These cars from 20 thousand euros less was and is part of Economic products of the French company are considered In fact, the imported cars of the future are placed in the class of products such as Tarai Iran Khodro and Shahin Saipa, and they probably have a lower price than some Chinese products.

Renault Arcana

According to the price ceiling allowed in the car import regulations, Renault Duster and Arcana crossovers They can be supplied to the country’s market. In the category of cars Sedan can also be Simbel and Taliant considered as possible options for entering the economic market of Iran. Both the mentioned crossover cars and sedan cars have a price lower than 20,000 euros and can compete with their Chinese competitors.

Renault Duster 2022

The technical specifications of the two mentioned models have not yet been determined, but it is likely that we can expect the supply of low-consumption 1.2-liter three-cylinder models (similar to the technical specifications of the Renault Captur). Also, both Arcana and Duster models can be supplied with two differentials and will be superior to Chinese competitors in this regard.

Renault Duster 2022

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