Renting a residence in Istanbul with rial payment for the first time in Iran

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The dream of developing the chamber outside the borders of Iran is on the way to becoming a reality…

As one of the first online rental systems for villas, residences, suites, and cottages with more than 20,000 rental residences in 310 cities, the room has started its work since 2016 and has followed a very good growth path despite all the crises and various obstacles. .

Chamber of Commerce has always been the initiator of influential events in the field of tourism and has helped the growth of this market. The report of the year 1400 of Chamber of Commerce also showed the growth of Chamber of Commerce in various indicators. For example, in terms of the number of users, the room has grown by 500% in the last 4 years. The successful experiences of health packages in the days of Corona for the well-being of guests and reducing their worries and prime accommodations have been among the appropriate actions of the chamber in the field of online accommodation rental. With these effective measures, the chamber was able to increase its gross sales by 1260% during the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

But these days, Athakak has announced new measures in its business, which we will witness for the first time in Iran, and although the tourism industry is affected by the country’s social conditions and filtering, but the Athakak team has managed to create another good event in the industry. online accommodation rental and has succeeded in creating the possibility of booking Istanbul accommodation on the website and application of the room for its guests.

Traveling to Turkey and providing safe accommodation, with the right price and quality, and close to sightseeing places, shops and neighborhoods, has always been a concern of Iranians, especially for people who have had one or two-day business or business trips, there has always been the problem of finding the right place. to stay

Why is renting a Turkish accommodation online from the chamber your winning card?

The price of Turkish hotels is usually high, this amount of price is an important issue for Iranian travelers whose destination is different cities in Turkey, especially in today’s economic conditions, which necessitates the need for a safe place to stay at a lower price, a place that many of It has the features of a hotel and provides an even more comfortable stay for guests. Until now, apart from the hotel, it has not been possible to rent accommodation online for Iranians from inside Iran.

These residences have different capacities and will be a suitable offer especially for groups of several people or families who travel together and like to be together in one place. Also, during peak travel times when hotels are usually full, these accommodations are better options due to their affordable prices.

Rent a villa online

After months of efforts and consultation with the hosts of Turkish residences, the chamber was able to provide this possibility for Iranians inside Iran for the first time. From now on, guests can book accommodation in Istanbul in the room. This is very good news for online accommodation rental businesses that can expand their market outside Iran’s borders and gain the satisfaction of Iranian customers outside Iran’s borders as well.

Booking an accommodation in Istanbul from Chamber has the following advantages:

  • Providing affordable accommodation in the best neighborhoods of Istanbul (close to attractions, shops, restaurants, cafes, beaches, etc.)
  • Payment of accommodation fee in Rials
  • A large number of hosts of the residence are Iranian

This is just the beginning of the room story in Turkey, and this company plans to cover other Turkish cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Kusadasi, and Van, etc., and also add more accommodations to its accommodations in different neighborhoods of Istanbul. We should see new actions of the chamber in this field in the coming days.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey’s residences, like other cabin accommodation in Iran, have all the necessary standards such as proper facilities, quality, cleanliness, security, etc., and for this reason, cabin guests can be safe.

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