Researchers have discovered new details about a deadly ancient sea monster

A 360-million-year-old sea monster first discovered around 150 years ago has been re-examined and found to have been possibly smaller than scientists previously expected, but just as deadly.

In a new study, researchers have found that a large bony fish named Dunkleosteus terrelli with a pseudonym Dunk It is known that it is probably smaller in size than we previously imagined; Because the skull of this fish does not match with its 9-meter trunk. As a result, they investigated the method of calculating the physical dimensions of this creature and realized that the body length of this animal should not be more than 4 meters Be.

This sea monster had extraordinary jaws

Despite this size reduction, Dunk’s lethal abilities remain unchanged. He apparently had a very strong jaw capable of an equivalent force 3600 kg apply This fish also has a strong skull attached to its cartilaginous skeleton.

Scientists say that Dunk’s skull is long 85 cm It was unique in its own way. Therefore, they have compared this skull with the alien skull in the movie Alien.

This new discovery was made by Russell Engelman, a PhD student at Case Western University in the United States. During the Corona period, he was studying the Dunk species at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, when he encountered uncertainty about the fitness of this aquatic animal, and finally came to this answer. At first, he was dismayed by his discovery of the sea monster’s smaller size, but eventually accepted that discovering the truth was more important than anything else and should be a higher priority.

Dunk probably lived near the shores of Lake Erie near present-day Cleveland during the Devonian period. His fossil is currently in the natural history collection of the Kiloland Museum. The results of the current research have been published in Diversity magazine.

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