Revealing the character of Writer in the long gameplay trailer of Layers of Fear

The 11-minute gameplay trailer for Layers of Fear shows off new mechanics like the lantern and how the Writer’s adventure ties into previous installments in the series.

Among the latest game news, we learned that Bloober Team and Anshar Studio released a long gameplay trailer for Layers of Fear, the latest installment in the series. The trailer introduces Writer, a new playable character, who enters the lighthouse and explores a story that ties together all the events of the previous versions. Of course, you should remember that this trailer does not show the final version of the game.

In Layers of Fear, players return to the home of the first edition and wield a new lantern that apparently burns away some dark dreams. Many scenes look familiar. Because they show events from the perspective of Painter. But Actor’s adventures are also shown in Layers of Fear 2. This game will include both the previous versions and their expansion packs along with a new chapter called The Final Note.

The game Layers of Fear is made with the Unreal Engine 5 game engine and will support Lumen technology, re-tracing, Volumetric Lighting graphic settings (quality of lighting effects) and HDR. This game will be available to users of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X platforms in June 2023 (June 1402). Xbox Series S and PC are included. Fans should expect more details about the game to be released in the coming months.

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Terrifying environments of the Layers of Fear game

The scary environments of the Layers of Fear game

The scary environments of the Layers of Fear game

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