Revealing the name of Godzilla vs. Kong with gifts for the completion of the film shoot

Recently, the filming and production stages of the Godzilla vs. Kong is over, which has apparently revealed the name of the film.

Filming and sequel production stages Godzilla vs. Kong is underway in Queensland, Australia, but not much information is available on the monster movie. Now according to the latest Cinema and TV news, new information about the new MonsterVerse movie has been shared. First, images of the film’s end-of-shoot gifts to production members were leaked, showing the sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is supposed to be called Godzilla and Kong:

Godzilla vs Kong sequel wrap gifts to production members

This issue can be related to the ending of Godzilla vs. Kong makes sense and it is possible that we will see Godzilla and King Kong working together in Godzilla and Kong. In the following, it became clear that the filming and production stages of this movie have been completed. In the released image, we can see the name Origins, which is the production name of the movie, on the filming booth, and also a hat with the words Godzilla and Kong can be seen, which shows the final name of this movie. The movie will probably be Godzilla and Kong:

The collection of the last day of filming the sequel to Godzilla vs Kong and the name Godzilla and Kong on the hat

Brian Tyree-Henry, Kayleigh Huttel, Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens, Fala Chen, Alex Furness and Rachel House They are among the actors who are present in the movie Godzilla and Kong and played roles. Adam WingardThe director of Godzilla vs. Kong is in charge of directing this movie. Terry Rossio, Jeremy Slater and Simon Burt They have been responsible for writing the script of Godzilla vs Kong 2.

The sequel to Godzilla vs Kong, whose official name has not been confirmed at the moment, will hit the cinema screens on March 15, 2024 (March 25, 1402).

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