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Nima Javidi has taken a step in a new direction after making the Indian movie and has entered the valley of serialization. Aktor series is a work with its own mood and is made so delicately that it immerses the audience. The first episode of the promising actor series gives the beginning of an interesting narrative, and although in the final minutes, it loses its excitement a little and the ending does not have a so-called blizzard; But it makes the audience impatient for its continuation. Aktor is a serial that is currently airing on Filmo and Nemawa and we can hope for it. Be with Vijiato by reviewing the first episode of Actor series.

No series can be measured by the first episode, but the first episode of a series is its main signature and can determine its future direction for the audience. For example, what happened in the Frog series and showed with its pilot (the first episode) what kind of mood it is going to put the audience in. The actor does the same and the first part shows us the director’s point of view.

Nima Javidi is the one who was able to show an insider with the Indian and talk about his importance to the mise-en-scene. He does something with the scene so that watching the harmony of the elements between the scenes seems attractive to any audience, whether it is a general cinema audience or a professional audience. This issue is more visible in the opening minutes of the Actor series than in all its scenes, and it is unlikely that anyone who does not know that they are watching an Iranian series will imagine that they are watching an Iranian work after seeing the opening sequence of the series. The bolt and nut that Javidi ties in his mise-en-scene; It is one of those beads that are very tightly tied together and calculated.

Actor series is about two theater actors who surprise people at parties and events. They sink into the role of various people and enter into situations of other people’s lives and make it a memorable scene. They do these surprises in the best possible way and have no say in their work. Navid Mohammadzadeh and Ahmed Mehranfar play the roles of these two theater actors. These two people are the winning cards of the actor series, so that in the first minutes, the artificial state they have in their game is completely related to their role, and they deliberately show a not so interesting game, which the audience will understand a little later. There is still room for characterization of these two characters and the series cannot introduce us to these characters as much as it should in the first episode. We don’t get to know the story background of these characters and we only get to know their spirit. One is more logical and one is emotional. These two people are also very close friends and they do everything for each other and have high morals in their friendship. One is reserved and shy, and the other is noisy and sneaky, and of course, according to himself, he is nervous. This information is not a small amount of information that we get in one episode, but in the end there is no news about the background of the characters and in the upcoming episodes, we will probably get to know more about this issue.

Along with Navid Mohammadzadeh and Ahmad Mehranfar, Soha Niasti, who is considered a relatively new and fresh actress, is also present in the series and can show her acting skills brilliantly. He is an actor who also shined in the second year of my college and now it took a little longer than expected to show himself again. Actor is a good opportunity for this novice actor to make a good future in Iranian cinema and although he has a short appearance in the first part, he makes good use of his acting skills. Finally, we should mention Homan the electrician and his heavy make-up, which is probably going to play a negative role in the future of the series. Al-Bark Noord shines as always, and in general, it must be admitted that the acting group of the Actor series, as the name of the series suggests, is a powerful acting group, so that even the non-actors in the opening sequence do their job properly, and you can see Javid’s eternal leadership power. In the guide, he saw the actors in each scene.

In the first part of the actor, Nima Javidi plays with the camera and music and makes the combination of the camera and music in the first part of the series become a precise game that is enjoyable to watch. The atmosphere created by Javidi in the first part of the current series smells of black comedy and trailers, and the actor’s future will probably be an attractive one. The combination of genres in the actor series has made it impossible to find a specific category for it yet, but it can undoubtedly be considered a successful fake that can trap the audience.

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