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Bones And All (bones and everything) is a story about the encounter between two cannibals. A meeting that is full of love and crisis. Be with Zumji by criticizing this movie.

Bones And All is an adaptation film based on the novel of the same name written by Camille Angelis. In its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, this film won the Silver Lion Award for Best Director for Luca Guadagnino. When Luca Guadagnino was nominated for four Oscars for Call Me By Your Name in 2017, he showed that he is interested in the world of minorities. The film Bones And All also represents the continuation of this director’s worldview, but not to the fullness of the film that won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2017. In this film, Guadagnino has again gone to Timothée Chalamet, the only actor who, according to him, has the ability to have the characteristics of a good cannibal!

Terrible creatures that have lived and are present in folklore, classic and modern narratives since long ago, were not created and created just for a passing narrative, but behind their restless nature, a world of meaning lies. Guadagnino also builds his own world in line with these stories and moves forward. Although the cannibalistic world of bones and everything takes place in a surreal and metaphorical space, it seeks to show real issues from the world around us. Like Guadagnino’s previous work, this film does not deal directly with the lives of specific people, but tries to enter what is going on in the filmmaker’s mind in an exciting form, similar to the history of scary creatures.

The story of the film will be revealed later

Lee and Maren talking in Bones And All

The story of the film takes place in America in the 1980s. Maren, who has just entered her youth, notices a shocking problem. He realizes that he is a cannibal! Maren’s father abandons her, and she goes in search of her mother to find out what it is about her own nature. Bones And All has an engaging idea. It is very simplistic to think that everything that happens in this movie is just the story of some cannibals looking for their dinner. This film is a pure metaphor that creates anxiety both in its distant meaning and in its near meaning.

This film is a pure metaphor that creates anxiety in both its remote and immediate meaning.

Maren leaves home with a backpack, some money and a bus ticket to start her journey. He must grow in this journey, like all those who hit the heart of the road, and discover things that he was unaware of until now. In the first layer of the film, we are faced with cannibals who kill people, eat people and destroy lives. But in the second layer of the story, a more shocking issue awaits the audience, the minorities! Those who are far away from society and no one welcomes them. These people are the focal point of Luca Guadagnino, the characters who, for the majority of society, are the cannibals and nocturnal creatures of the stories. Those who are evil and their only instinct is to kill good people.

Maren is abandoned by her father after biting a classmate’s finger and showing the first signs of adult cannibalism. In these events, Guadagnino shows the first confrontation of certain people with the society around them. Maren is first rejected by her mother, who was also a member of the cannibals community, and then it is her father’s turn. This incident is actually an allegory of the family of special people. Maren’s father locks her room at night and keeps her daughter’s relationship with the outside world in isolation. He is afraid that his child is special, that Maren will get close to him or others.

Lee and Maren thinking in Bones And All

The movie world is a peaceful place for most people. They live their own lives, party, shop, fight and go to restaurants. But the world of cannibals is a very anxious world, because they only have themselves and must constantly crawl from one corner to another and live away from eyes. When Maren reaches his destination city alone in the dark of the night, there is no one on the street, no one is moving and the city is plunged into terrifying darkness. In this darkness, it seems that these cannibals have to protect themselves. Sally stands in the corner watching Maren. He has smelled his fellow man from hundreds of kilometers away and followed him. It seems that these two people have no one but each other in this city.

Maren gets on the bus the next morning and leaves Sally. He arrives in another town and sees Lee in a store. The meeting of Lee and Maren formed one of the main ideas of Pirang and caused the main core of the story to establish itself from here on. Maren, who has just discovered her own nature, enters a new world in the face of her new friend. In fact, the beginning of his main journey is here. Where Maren has to get to know herself better, come to terms with her reality and accept her new life. The new world of this character is full of killing and blood, something that will be hard for Maren to understand.

Cannibals in this narrative do not like cannibalism! Such a nature was never their choice and they behave like this according to instinct. Maren is friendly with the child inside the restaurant, she feels sorry for the man who is killed by Lee and wants to save the lady from death. Confusion and despair have been one of the main goals discussed by the director in this film. In this story, Maren, as a minority, is caught in an all-consuming struggle between instinct and what her heart wants to be. He leaves Lee to find peace and stop cannibalism, but this is not possible, because people who are separated from society should be with each other and support each other.

Sally on the street in the movie bones and all

Guadagnino brings up the idea of ​​the cannibals’ suffering and traumatized psyches, but fails to address them. The image of the filmmaker’s idea is very appealing to the thoughts of existential crises. Maren is lonely and anxious, she doesn’t understand the purpose of her cannibalistic life, she doesn’t know how to follow her instincts or be like the majority. Guadagnino created the character of Maren as a representative of the cannibals community, but he hesitates in his journey of self-discovery and pushes the character’s emotions aside. These conflicts, due to which Maren is forced to leave Lee at some point, have been left without a broad vision, the issues for which the filmmaker pulled Maren out of the house and set off on his journey.

The image of the filmmaker’s idea is very appealing to the thoughts of existential crises.

In fact, the crises and emotions defined for the first character of the story are the same conflicts that exist in the real life of minorities and special people in society. As it was said at the beginning of the article, the cannibals in this narrative are a metaphor for the marginalized people of the society, those who have many knots in their existence, such that they are either fighting or surrendered like Maren’s mother. The reason for the non-fruition of the film’s thoughts can be the tone used for the work. Bones And All, contrary to its hopeless idea, does not have an absurd tone, on the other hand, due to the characteristics of its characters, it does not go towards satire and humor, nor does it become scary. In fact, this movie is lacking in terms of the approach of payment and the type of tone.

Worst of all, the romantic idea of ​​the film does not focus on the hero’s self-discovery journey, and it is not clear what the filmmaker was aiming for by portraying two cannibalistic loves. Will love save us? Is love only for ordinary people? Why do we need love? Bones And All is a film with fascinating thoughts, ideas of unusual lives. Issues that take us to the heart of an unknown but traceable world, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t go beyond its two lines.

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