Review of the movie “Dog Gone”. Friendship between man and dog

The movie Dog Gone follows the true story of the friendship between a human and a dog, and now the protagonist must find his sick dog before it dies. Be with Zumji.

The movie Dog Gone is based on the true story of a father and son who embark on an adventure through the woods and mountains to find their beloved dog, who is terminally ill and has less than a month to live, during which their relationship is rekindled. It is tested. The Lost Dog movie is divided into different parts. In the first part, we are with Fielding Marshall, who has problems in his social relationships and does not have a good relationship with his father, and his future is unclear.

In the second part, we have a dog that will actually change the life of Fielding and his family, and now this dog, which has Addison’s disease, is missing, and Fielding and his father have started a joint adventure to find it. Although the subject and story of the film is not new and in fact it is a common cliché in similar films in Hollywood, but we have already seen a fascinating story of the relationship and friendship between dogs and humans in the movie Togo, where we saw a touching story of this sacrifice.

Fielding and Gunker sitting together in Dog Gone

But while Dog Gone has an interesting theme and we expect it to tell such a touching story that will stir our emotions at the end, Dog Gone lacks something that makes it never quite reach that point. Perhaps this happens from the very beginning of the film, where we witness Fielding’s last days in college without any particular introduction, who without any particular background decides to accept the task of keeping a dog, and we practically have no knowledge of this character.

The movie Dog Gone is based on a true story in which a family searches for their lost dog

In fact, this is a general example of the film’s story line, which makes the viewer follow the story in a vague way, and only the description of the character is reduced to the dialogues of Fielding’s friend or parents, until we see the introduction of the characters in a proper way. Fielding is actually a lonely character who doesn’t know his future properly, and now with Gunker’s entry into his life, his dog now really has a friend who even understands him and even brings him closer to his family members.

The movie Dog Gone has many touching and heartwarming moments and moments that you can enjoy watching the movie and witness the formation of the relationship between father and son and also how a dog changes a family. There are moments like that in the film, but the film has a missing piece that it never finds. In fact, the filmmakers have the feeling that the viewer knows the story from zero to a hundred, and for this reason, they do not bother to show any other part of the past or the identity of the characters in the film except for the mother of the family.

Fielding and Gunker at home in Dog Gone

The previous portrayal of the matriarch in Lost Dog is as interesting as it gets, but it’s still not well-executed. The past part is depicted as dry and artificial to a large extent, and there is no moment that makes us sympathize with this character and get closer to him. This is exactly the problem that the whole movie has, and it starts from the very beginning when the character of the movie takes care of a dog without any particular explanation, and it continues until the end.

This even applies to the dog in the film, and we gradually forget about Gunker during the film and feel like we are watching a father-son adventure in the wild. It may not always be right to compare two movies, but the Togo movie could actually be a good example for this movie, in which we get to know the character of Willem Dafoe as well as Togo, the husky dog ​​of the movie, well during the beginning of the movie and its continuation.

This implementation and narration is so good and appropriate that it makes us connect with both main characters of the story and worry about their health and condition. But unfortunately, this is not the case with Gunker and Fielding, and the creators do not show us any specific background of Fielding’s illness until it becomes acute. Unfortunately, the film has forgotten many parts and apparently relied on the fact that the events of the film are based on a true story; So there is no need for me to do more work and I will just show the story in 90 minutes.

John playing with Gunker in Dog Gone

Although the script and direction of the movie Dog Gone becomes an average and even weak part in the movie, but it is acceptable in front of the acting of the main actors. In any case, they are an important part of the film’s story and need to depict the problems between the characters until the relationship is formed again, and at least in this part, they have been able to succeed in this matter to some extent. Although we shouldn’t expect perfect and very good games, they have an acceptable game and performance at their level.

The movie Dog Gone could have been a much more effective work by paying more attention to Gunker’s disease and the father-son relationship and the past of the characters.

Finally, the ending of Dog Gone could have been more effective; If there was more focus on the past and the characterization of each character, and also if the producers had paid more attention to Addison Gunker’s disease and presented the dangers to this dog to the viewers. Anyway, part of the story is the effort and influence of a family to find a sick dog that if they don’t find it before its next vaccine, this dog will probably die.

In any case, the short time of the film makes many parts of the story to be removed and we only see a summary of an adventure to find Gunker as well as the re-formation of the father-son relationship. Dog Gone undoubtedly has many problems and is not going to provide the same experience as Togo, but it can still be a good option for those who are looking for such films and would like to watch it with their pet and even enjoy it. And also take more care of their pet dog or cat.

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