Review of the movie M3GAN There will be blood

Getting over hundreds of millions of views for the evil dance of a killer doll in “TIC Tac“, and of course, the income of more than 125 million dollars at the global box office in less than a month, for a science fiction horror film that did not cost more than 12 million dollars to make; success secret “Megan» M3GAN What is?! To find the answer and get to know more about this work, stay with Vijayato by reviewing the movie M3GAN.

Review of M3GAN movie

Synopsis of the movie: A girl who has just lost her parents receives an android doll made with artificial intelligence. In appearance, this android doll as a companion has nothing but charm and friendship for its owner; But behind this silence and kindness is hidden a terrible killer who shows no mercy to the young and old with the slightest problem for his main host.

Technology is a complex and problematic relationship and always full of danger

Review of M3GAN movie

It is certain that technology for modern man has become like a wide spectrum that is immersed in its totality and at the same time its consequences are misunderstood for most of the people of the world; We use it every day and we don’t know any substitute for it. But in addition to questions related to exceeding the safe limit of use and dependence on it in daily life, a certain disgust creeps into us. Fear of technology (especially robots and artificial intelligence) is nothing new in cinema. From Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” to James Cameron’s “The Terminator,” countless filmmakers have channeled our fear of creating something that will later spiral out of our control. Years and years of science fiction have taught us not to trust robots or artificial intelligence too much.

but why? The answer is not complicated; Do we know as much about technology as technology knows about us? Now the movie “M3GAN” plays with this alarming theme. Consider this question: What happens to the child when parents increasingly leave their children in front of screens or video games to distract them and engage in personal daily life?! With Megan, director Gerard Johnston offers a disturbing warning about the dangers of this kind of indulgence.

Getting to know the basic structure of the M3GAN movie

Review of M3GAN movie

M3GAN is a sci-fi horror film directed by Gerard Johnston and starring Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronnie Ching and Brian Jordan Alvarez. The screenplay was written by Akla Cooper, based on a screenplay by James Wan. It’s also produced by James Wan (The Conjuring), which means one thing is for sure: it’s a commercial. Megan is a film full of clichés and clichés of the genre, yet it is also a sci-fi film with a horror and ironic approach that knows how to brilliantly use genre iconography in a screenplay that, if clever, is still sometimes superficial. It seems to blend well.

I wonder if you have seen Steven Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence”? This is the movie that Stanley Kubrick tried to make and was eventually made by the great director of Indiana Jones. Well, now the M3GAN movie is like a doll’s entry into the subject circle of artificial intelligence; Of course, with less philosophical considerations or, in short, any other type of intellectual reflection arising from philosophy. In fact, Megan is a movie that treats us like a doll with a slasher style.chucky» will entertain with Terminator ability. Thus, the film is more fun than scary, and at the same time more ironic and clever than thought-provoking; A film in which Mr. James Wan, the producer, is looking for the self-referential world he is trying to create with his robotic version of Annabelle at any cost.

Review of M3GAN movie

The film is technically well made and doesn’t aspire for anything it can’t achieve; This means that the director and the production team know that Megan is a medium-budget film and does not try to surprise us with its special effects, and bases its goal on complicity with the audience thanks to the simplicity of the film. A smart film that is well put together and knows what it wants and how to achieve it, with a good story that is its only trump card, to attract the audience only with irony and a spectacular identity. And it does it well. The film is entertaining and most of all, it has that touch of “grim film” which is so necessary and which we so often ignore in today’s commercial films.

Of course, the movie rated “PG-13“There is a problem in showing the violent moments or the bloody killings of his killer character, and this is due to the same age rating. Although the film tries to ground its premise with a compelling story about overcoming grief, and takes on some form of drama when it can, the balance between drama, horror, and moments of dark comedy doesn’t work as well as it could. It’s also worth noting that the film’s climax won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone either, however, after spending so much time building up to that moment, it comes and goes abruptly.

Review of M3GAN movie

Finally, the biggest surprise of M3GAN is the doll character itself. A well-done mix of practical and digital effects. He wholeheartedly resembles a real character in the story who excels all humans. Megan is a character who has the kind of presence beyond an iconic dance scene that will be hard to forget long after the credits roll. But despite the problems with character development, the film leaves more doors open for those developments to come later in the greenlit sequel.

What is the secret of the success of the movie M3GAN?!

Review of M3GAN movie

Horror cinema, in its many varieties and subgenres, is one of the few film genres that, far from the usual dominance of superhero movies and animation, is included in the list of the highest-grossing works of each year. The relatively low budget for their production, the presence of a loyal audience, the ability to recycle and present films with screams and scares in the cinema years… are all factors and variables that explain the phenomenon that Megan wants to be a part of. Blumhouse’s new production, featuring veteran James Wan as producer and original story writer, has what it takes to succeed, at least commercially.

Some time ago, the film production company launched an extensive advertising campaign for its film, which focused on social networks, especially Tik Tok. Hence, the film’s conscious departure from adult cinema and its usual themes eliminated almost all traces of the overt violence familiar in such works. So alertness is a key term in the Megane, as it sits as a youthful update on the classic tale of cars rebelling against their makers. As a result, the same age rating, the absence of which is problematic for the adult audience, has been required for the commercial success of the film.

Review of M3GAN movie

In general, the movie M3GAN comes from a literary and cinematic tradition in Hollywood, so-called “Frankenstein” until the “Blade Runner” has been extended. But here, there’s no research or philosophical musings on the human condition, just an evil puppet in the form of a high school teenager who wants to kill everyone. The rest of the work is the usual route for a movie with the ambition of making a sequel around the same idea.

What message does the M3GAN movie contain in its core?!

Review of M3GAN movie

The M3GAN film is clearly an important commentary on parenting through technology. The work also deals with the consequences of losing a parent in childhood, particularly the trauma response of an impressionable child. On the other hand, the M3GAN script reflects the parents’ unsuccessful attempt to divert from pain and trauma and address it directly. In some moments, the film deals with the negative consequences of the child’s distance from the community and of course the dangers caused by this act. Beyond these points, one of the most important messages of M3GAN is the nature of communication, whether human-to-human or human-to-AI. In this day and age, people are constantly torn between face-to-face relationships and relationships established through social media, dating apps, or mostly through text messages, and this film is an interesting allusion to this negative tide.

But behind these positive messages in the heart of his script, M3GAN leaves room for questioning for me, the audience. A question that arises from a dangerous and extremely negative message. But what is the question? The question is simple; Why should a toy store company produce a doll with the image of a little girl in this movie, whose physical features are strongly sexual and have the characteristics of an advertising face and basically anti-child. So let me say that this approach causes the audience to think that behind its colorful words, this movie seeks to identify a disease such as “pedophilia”. I hope this impression is wrong, but reaching this thought is also a great crime for a movie today.

Final word:

Review of M3GAN movie

Am I the audience surprised by the achievement of this film? not realy; But I didn’t expect that a movie about a killer doll that’s a little late to the party (considering there’s been so many movies already made about it) could still look so cool and entertaining. The movie “M3GAN” is exactly what it should be: smart, entertaining and a distraction from the hustle and bustle of life. In fact, M3GAN knows exactly what kind of movie it is and how to enjoy it. If the film had taken itself too seriously, the result would have been an unintentionally funny disaster that just wouldn’t have worked at all.

It must be admitted that the director Gerard Johnston wonderfully brings this script to life. While the characterization and dramatic elements could have been stronger, and the story follows a familiar formula; But M3GAN can be a cult movie in the coming years.

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