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See How They Run is a comedy mystery tribute to Agatha Christie and Wes Anderson. Be with Zumji by criticizing this movie.

Agatha Christie and her play The Mousetrap, on film See how they know, has been employed to form a classic murder story. The Mousetrap is Christie’s most famous work, which was first performed at the London Theater and has been performed more than 30,000 times over 70 years. This movie might appeal to fans of Agatha Christie’s mysteries and that golden age of mystery stories. See How They Run pays homage to the classic crime queen with its title, referring to rats, and its literary and theatrical references.

See How They Run is a confused film that lacks genre payoff and its ideas do not work. See how they know In the criticism of the authors, those who take advantage of the lives of others so that they can create an artistic work and register it in their name. But the film has gone so conservatively that this goal and theme is completely buried under other events of the film and it is seen only as a not so heartwarming message. See How They Run is a film with an interesting initial idea and a dull payoff that can only be interesting at first glance.

In the following, parts of the film’s story will be specified

See how the inspector and the stalker run on the street in the movie

At the celebration of the 100th performance of the Telemouse play in 1953, when an American director named Leo Copernicus is negotiating to make a film, he is killed by a man in a hat and a long coat. After that, Inspector Stoppard and his clumsy assistant Stalker enter the story and undertake the task of finding the killer. The film begins with Copernicus as the narrator, he talks to his audience and talks about the mystery of second degree murder, but it doesn’t take long and a character who is somewhat close to the audience and as an action character who tried to fool the fiancee of one of the actors is killed. will be

See How They Run breaks away from being a classic mystery story by adding a touch of humor.

In the world of classic English-style mysteries, the victim who starts the story is either innocent and has no enemies, or everyone hates him. Leo Copernicus is a type of victims of the second category, a man who hurt everyone and no one sheds tears after his death. The film begins with the first idea of ​​the archetypes of the classic murder mystery and tries to use other rules of these classic principles as well, a skilled detective, a large number of suspects or possible victims, a mystery to solve, an ending in a remote house and a killer who is a It is a step ahead.

See How They Run breaks away from being a classic mystery story by adding some humor and comedy and gives a more modern twist to its old narrative. The combination and juxtaposition of mystery and humor gives the film an attractive aspect at first glance and injects a new effect into a traditional form. This approach is a novel image for the audience who has seen and heard the classic stories of England many times, and it can also be a suitable option for comedy fans. If we contrast the two aspects of humor and mystery, the humor of the film appears before the mystery aspect of the story. In fact, Pirang hesitates in setting the mystery in motion and first of all expands and expands his humorous approach. Of course, this procedure does not mean that the film’s humor has an acceptable payoff and can help to recognize and pay off the characters, story, knots, and purpose of the film. Humor here is the only bolder idea than other ideas and can attract the audience only in the initial layer of the film.The inspector talking to the actors in the movie See How They Run

Stalker, a female constable who became an assistant inspector, is a character whose humor fits all the characteristics of his job and work, and sometimes he behaves like a jerk. From the beginning to the end of the film, he is like a comedian who had to dress up as a policeman in a mystery film and look for a murderer. In fact, she has a passive payoff in terms of her job, to the extent that she can be imagined as a firefighter, housewife, and teacher in another movie with the same characteristics. If we take a general look at the characters in the story, their aimless humor is the only aspect of them that stands out.

The secondary characters of the film, the ones that the inspector suspects and are interrogated during the course of the case, are less present than any other element in the plot.

The secondary characters of the film, the ones that the inspector suspects and are interrogated during the case process, are less present than any other element in the plot. They are one-dimensional and flat characters whose only feature is to attend the night of the theater performance. Characters who don’t know suspense, don’t have certain complexities, don’t behave suspiciously, and don’t create tension-causing knots in the movie. In mystery and crime films, the audience needs to see active and anxious characters, characters who move towards the worldview and goal of the film and add to the suspense of the film. The movie See How They Run does not get anything from the aspect of these characters and they remain unused in the richness of the work’s suspense.

The contrast between the two characters of the inspector and the stalker was one of those interesting ideas that could help the film in terms of creating humorous situations and put the film in a better position in terms of advancing the suspense. Stalker is clumsy, somewhat dumb, and lacking in police numbers, until he thinks the inspector has committed murder. On the other hand, the inspector has no patience with him and instead of teaching Stalker, he either sends him to look for black peas or goes to a cafe instead of a dentist. These ideas were enough for the film to pay an attractive tension in terms of suspense and to portray meaningful humor.

Leo fighting with the author in the movie see how they run

Suspense and anxiety is the missing puzzle piece of this enigmatic film. In See How They Run, a murder occurs and a workshop takes over the case, the basic idea that Pirang is based on contains the anxiety that the audience will understand and expect as soon as they encounter it in the first scene. As the story progresses, this anxiety becomes more mature and frightening. But this chaos and suspense is only in the initial idea and opening scenes of the film, and no matter how hard the audience looks after Leo’s murder, they cannot find a suitable suspense to solve a murder mystery with all the suspects. The script goes from point A to point B easily and without tension and special events, like a simple drama, and the killer is identified in the easiest possible way.

Ultimately, See How They Run is neither humorous enough to make the audience laugh nor suspenseful enough to make them cringe.

See How They Run, although it could not manage to provide an acceptable content style, but it was well able to pay an impressive show from the visual aspect. Some camera techniques such as symmetrical shots, type of editing, framing, mise-en-scène, bright and shiny images, reminds us of Wes Anderson’s form and Hail Caesar of the Coen brothers.

The design of the scene, the clothes and the type of locations also show the audience a dream world from the distant years of England. An attractive atmosphere that designs a correct understanding of the world of the film. The last part of See How They Run is neither funny enough to make the audience laugh nor suspenseful enough to make them cringe. The film is a hasty payment of an idea that could have been a charming satire of the world and the writers’ stories.

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