Review of the movie The Artifice Girl The evolution of superintelligence

Artificial Girl is a sci-fi film based on artificial intelligence that examines the progress of these new members of human society with a simple story. Be with Zumji by criticizing this movie.

Cinema has long been a place to show people’s fears, hopes and dreams. From romantic movies to action and drama, all of them have their origins in the fears and hopes of filmmakers and society. Meanwhile, science fiction films are a more accessible example for this point of view. Ever since the cinema was able to use special effects for its stories, human desires were also shown in the frame of the moving image. Ever since Georges Melis made the simple but thought-provoking film Journey to the Moon, the audience has been slowly preparing itself to see its long-time dreams on the screen, which was definitely an interesting and heartwarming experience for the audience.

Films made in the field of artificial intelligence have a closer look at human fears and desires. These works, which have created a subgenre for themselves and have attracted many fans, are relatively newer films among other science fiction films. These movies usually depict a future in which everything has fallen into the hands of artificial intelligence and the apocalypse of humans is caused by them and not by nuclear wars. The artificial girl movie is also one of these science fictions in the world of artificial intelligence, but it doesn’t go fast like the matrix, nor does it create dystopian conditions. This film is perhaps one of the different works among such films, the work that is most similar to the film after Young.

In the following, parts of the film’s story will be specified

Garrett talking in the movie Artificial Girl

The film Artificial Girl is narrated in three acts and tells its story in the passage of time with only three human characters and one artificial intelligence. Garrett is being interrogated by two people who are in charge of pedophile cases. He has to explain why he used a young child to trap the child hunter. But the events that happened to Garrett are not so simple. By signing a confidentiality form, he pledges to reveal the reality and nature of the child who was a prey in chat rooms and social networks. From here on, the main story of Artificial Girl begins, which, of course, the title of the film will answer Garrett’s story before the story begins.

The movie Artificial Girl is narrated in three acts and tells its story in the passage of time with only three human characters and one artificial intelligence.

As mentioned before, the idea of ​​the film belongs to the world of artificial intelligence, and the filmmaker deals with the issues surrounding this topic in three parts. In the first part, Garrett creates a girl named Gilas with a series of simulations, she comes to the aid of children to protect them in the harsh world of humans. Cherry talks to the child hunters, sends messages, and then gives their information to Garrett. The bad guys in this story are supposed to be fooled by artificial intelligence and defeated by this new technology. In this scene, before Garrett’s secret is revealed, there is a dramatic suspense for a very short period of time, but this anxiety is soon dissipated by the name of the film and the many dialogues of the characters. Perhaps the only effective suspense of this film can be found in these initial plans.

Several years have passed and we reach the second act of the film, Gilas, the artificial girl of this narrative, has become more advanced, she analyzes statistical data, she thinks intelligently and her words are more precise. Among these plans, a big issue is supposed to be revealed, something that could create suspense and be told in a better way to the audience. Under the influence of a series of events and pressures, Gilas reveals one of its most dramatic characteristics, a characteristic that has been a debated issue among opponents and supporters of artificial intelligence since the beginning of the formation of robots until today. In the film’s silliest dramatic moment, Cherry reveals that she has feelings and understands the meaning of pleasure and pain.

Talking cherry in the movie artificial girl

In the third act, Dina and Amos are dead, and Garrett, who is old and worn out, goes home in his wheelchair, a house that is cold and bitter and there is no one there except Cherry. After many years, the artificial girl has reached the highest point of superintelligence evolution, the moment that humans long to see. Cherry lives in the body of a teenage girl along with the wires attached to it. In the final shots of the film, he walks like a human, has a body, talks, has feelings and emotions, and uses his power of perception like humans, and after Garrett’s death, he becomes completely like humans and dances like humans without control wires.

The film very subtly enters into the idea of ​​exploitation and by creating an attractive metaphor, it considers exploitation as one of the distinctive characteristics of humans.

The Artifice Girl from her own point of view answers an important question in the field of artificial intelligence, why should we humans create artificial intelligence? The film goes to Garrett’s past with a short flashback and gives the audience’s response in the heart of the events that this character has gone through. Cherry is rooted in the trauma that Garrett faced as a child. The creator of this super intelligence tried to calm himself by creating an artificial girl and looked at her as a tool to achieve his revenge. As it was said at the beginning of this article, science fiction cinema is rooted in fears, wishes and desires, Garrett also saw the answer to his need in the creation of a super-intelligence, entity or identity that would lead him to his goal.

The Artifice Girl is a futuristic film about artificial intelligence, a narrative that follows the development of unusual members of human society. The story of this movie is a story about morality and humanity, and this time it is the human being who takes advantage of these super intelligences as a selfish being. Garrett designs Cherry to look like a girl who has been victimized by gangs in the past in order to achieve his wish and relieve the blow he received. Garrett’s creature expresses confusion that his creator was selfish and made him a way to relieve his pains, and somehow sees his rights violated. The film very subtly enters the idea of ​​exploitation and by creating an attractive metaphor, it considers exploitation as one of the distinctive characteristics of humans. In fact, the artificial girl does not distinguish between pedophile gangs and Garrett and his friends and sees them all as one and brings up the issue of old and new colonialism.

Dina looking in the movie artificial girl

Synthetic Girl has a good idea, but that doesn’t make it a good movie. Leaving aside the discussion of the content, we will encounter a rhythm that is very slow and boring. The bad thing is that this slow rhythm does not suit the script nor the work style of the narrative and structure. Artificial Girl is neither an artistic film nor a philosophical one, where the director moves the narrative with a slow rhythm according to the style of this type of works. On the contrary, we are on the side of a science fiction film whose subject is inherently tense. If the filmmaker entered into philosophical thoughts in his narrative, this rhythm would be acceptable for the work, but he does not choose this procedure and prefers to advance the narrative in a format that does not fit his subgenre.

Synthetic Girl has a good idea, but that doesn’t make it a good movie

Artificial Girl takes place in an indoor space with a limited number of actors, a quasi-claustrophobic space that is full of great potential for inducing a melancholic and attractive visual style and narrative style for this film, which unfortunately the filmmaker easily misses this opportunity and fills his sequences with a lot of dialogues. Fills. In fact, using the capacity of limited spaces in the best way has a direct relationship with the director’s talent, so that firstly the audience does not get bored, and secondly, he can create tension and crisis to fill the lack of external spaces.

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