Rimac Nora made history; Breaking 23 world records at the same time

Rimac company, which is headquartered in Croatia, is one of the new and well-known car manufacturers that is engaged in the production of electric supercars. The new and exciting product of this automaker is Rimac Nora. Rimac Nora managed to move 23 supercar records in one day. Among the records broken by this car is the time to reach a speed of 400 kilometers from a standstill and return to zero speed in less than 30 seconds. However, the Rimac Nevera still cannot compete with the SSC Tuatara internal combustion supercar in the field of maximum speed.

Rimac Nora has established itself as an unrivaled supercar in the electric car market. The electric motors of this car produce a total of 1914 horsepower and 3600 Nm of torque, which is an extraordinary figure. Rimac Nevera is the world’s fastest electric car with a speed record of 407 km/h. Some time later, Pinin Farina Bautista managed to break the Nora’s acceleration record – of course, this was done using a Rimac engine.

Now Rimac Nora is back in the record-setting arena to reclaim its titles. This car appeared in a famous Volkswagen test track and set 23 records. This car was equipped with Michelin Cup 2 R tires during the record setting process. You can see all these records in the following table:

Rimak Nora’s challenge on the track

Rimac Nora performs well on smooth and straight tracks, but it seems that on the real track it will not perform as well as on the straight track. This guess explains why Rimac has not yet taken its supercar to the famous Nurburgring track, or the famous Green Hell.

The weight of Nora is about 2.3 tons, most of this weight is related to the 120 kW battery pack of the car. This heavy weight will challenge any car on the track. Currently, the record for passing the Nürburgring track is owned by Mercedes-Benz AMG One with a time of 6:35.18. Of course, Rimac Nora should break the time of Porsche Taycan, which managed to cover this entire route in 7:33.35.

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