Rumor: Emma Stone has turned down an offer to star in the Fantastic Four movie

According to a new rumor, Stone turned down Marvel’s offer to star in the Fantastic Four reboot due to the salary offered.

Marvel Studios is making a Fantastic Four reboot, but no cast has been announced yet. Now in the latest Cinema and TV newsIt is possible that one of the well-known actors did not accept the offer to act in this film. Acclaimed movie insider Jeff Snyder revealed during a recent episode of The Hot Mic Podcast that Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone was Marvel Studios’ first choice to play Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four.

However, Stone has rejected this offer. Snyder says that Stone asked Marvel for a salary of around $20 million to star in the Fantastic Four reboot, which was far more than Marvel wanted. In fact, this issue can cause a lot of trouble for the salary of other members of this team, and Marvel does not want to pay such a fee, at least in the first part. He went on to give the example of Adam Driver, who is said to be a possibility to play Reed Richards aka Mr. Incredible, but his salary is not at Stone’s level.

Fantastic Four team members in space

However, Snyder says that Stone was supposed to play the Invisible Woman for 72 hours in the Fantastic Four movie, but Marvel wanted the Fantastic Four’s salaries to be fixed at a fixed amount to keep the film’s costs from skyrocketing. He went on to say that it remains to be seen if Marvel will continue to go with big names for the role or if it will go for lesser-known but promising options.

WandaVision director Matt Schachman is set to direct the Fantastic Four reboot based on a script by Avatar: The Way of Water writer Josh Friedman. The Fantastic Four reboot is part of the sixth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where it will conclude the story of the Multiverse. The movie Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and the movie Avengers: Secret Wars are part of the sixth phase of the MCU.

The reboot of the Fantastic Four movie is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2025 (Bahan 26, 1403). It is said that filming and production of the Fantastic Four will begin in London in January 2024.

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