Rumor: Microsoft was not involved in the Redfall development process

A report claimed that Microsoft was not involved in the development process of Redfall and Zenimax is still operating as an independent company.

The Redfall game was known as Arkin Studio’s biggest and most ambitious work, and the pressure of releasing it as a big first-party game caused expectations to rise; Especially since it has been a while since many first-party works were released for Xbox Series X We were not Xbox Series S.

However, unfortunately, the game could not perform as expected. This open world shooter has been criticized by critics and players, which ranges from the design of the open world and its storytelling to the combat and the performance status of this game.

The release of a major first-party AAA game is expected to be subject to quality control, which would ideally prevent the widespread problems of a work like Redfall. But if the report except cutting In Windows Central media, Microsoft has not had the expected oversight and control over Redfall.

According to Corden, although Zenimax is fully owned by the Redmonds, this company and its studios continue to operate as a separate company as before the merger; This means that Arkin and other Bethesda studios under supervision and management Matt Bootythe head of Xbox gaming studios is not located and clearly Phil SpencerThe head of Xbox doesn’t personally check the projects regularly to track their progress. So apparently Redfall was developed with minimal involvement from Microsoft.

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If this report is true, it can be considered a negative point for Microsoft; However, Bethesda and Arkin have the same situation for different reasons. Buying a publisher outright, and knowing that Arkyn’s next big game is the company’s first major new exclusive under the Xbox brand, naturally makes Microsoft try to set higher standards. But instead, according to this technology giant, he had decided to choose a non-intervention approach, which of course did not have the right result.

Some first-party Xbox studios, such as 343 Industries and The Initiative, have also had internal development problems. Redfall is now available for Xbox Series X Xbox Series S and PC released.

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