Rumor: RTX 4090 Ti has 18176 cores and 24GB of 24GB memory

Kopite7kimi has provided a new report regarding the news regarding the unannounced RTX 4090 Ti graphics card, which completes the information regarding its technical specifications.

It seems that we are getting closer to the time when Nvidia will introduce a faster and more powerful graphics card than the RTX 40 series. Two days ago it was confirmed that Nvidia is still working on an 800W Titan GPU. Recently, a possible image of this card with 48 GB of graphics memory was reported. Now it seems that the TITAN model and RTX 4090 Ti will be two different and separate models.

According to Kopite’s report, the RTX 4090 Ti graphics card is a cut-down model chip AD102 has 18176 cores, i.e. 1792 more cores than RTX 4090. Its memory module has also been upgraded to a 24 GB model and its TBP will be 600 watts. Of course, it is not clear that the last part to TDP This card is related to or Its TGP. But still from the RTX 4090’s default value of 450 watts will be more

Graphics renderings of the RTX 4090 Ti graphics card

The card’s faster memory chips result in a bandwidth of 1152 GB/s, which is 144 GB/s faster than the RTX 4090. Kopite has also confirmed board numbers PG136 and PG139 for this card. These numbers are related to the reference model and Founders Edition of this card. In other words, the main board of RTX 4090 Ti will be the same as RTX 4090.

Kopite did not mention when this card might be released, but there is currently no justification for a new Ti series flagship model. Anyway, Nvidia has the GTC event ahead, which can be a good opportunity to introduce their new product.

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