Russia’s heavy strikes on Ukraine with 136 Iranian drones

Undoubtedly, you have also heard the news about the purchase of Iranian drones by Russia and their use in the war in Ukraine. It was not long ago that Ukraine claimed for the first time that it shot down an Iranian-made drone over Kharkiv. Still, none of the Iranian and Russian officials have confirmed the use of Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine. Now, the Wall Street Journal has claimed in an article that Russia’s use of Iranian drones has resulted in 136 heavy strikes on Ukraine. This newspaper has claimed that recently, using Iranian drones, Russia has inflicted serious damage on Ukrainian forces and declared it the first case of large-scale deployment of foreign military systems since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Russia's heavy strikes on Ukraine with 136 Iranian drones

What you are reading in the rest of this article is the translation of the Wall Street Journal article about it:

Col. Rodion Kolagin, commander of Ukraine’s 92nd Mechanized Artillery Brigade, said that over the past week, the Shahid 136 Triangular Wing UAVs have been repainted by Russian forces and given the name Geranium 2, and over armored personnel carriers and positions. Ukrainian artillery has landed in the northeastern region of Kharkiv. According to him, only in the operational area of ​​his brigade, Iranian drones, which usually fly in pairs and then crash into their targets, destroyed two 152 mm self-propelled howitzers, two 122 mm self-propelled howitzers, as well as two BTR infantry armored vehicles. Have.

Russia's heavy strikes on Ukraine with 136 Iranian drones

Col. Kolagin has said that before the recent widespread use of witness drones, Russia conducted an experiment in this field last month and targeted an American M777 155 mm towed howitzer with this drone. He claimed that another Iranian drone suffered a technical defect and fell into their hands.

So far, most of the Iranian drones appear to have been deployed in the Kharkiv region, where the 92nd Brigade and other Ukrainian forces have been conducting large-scale operations this month, some 8,500 square kilometers, or 3,300 square miles, of The territories invaded by Russia have been recaptured and hundreds of tanks, artillery equipment, trucks carrying armored vehicles have been destroyed or captured. “Elsewhere, the Russians are using artillery fire extensively and have been able to manage this,” General Kolagin stated. Here, they no longer have artillery superiority, and that’s why they have turned to using these drones.”

Russia's heavy strikes on Ukraine with 136 Iranian drones

Independent experts who have reviewed the images of the downed drone in the Kharkiv region say that this drone appears to be Shahid 136, the latest version of Tehran’s triangular drone design. Scott Crino, founder and chief executive of Red Six Solutions LLC, a strategic consulting firm, said the Shahid 136 drone could be a “potent counterweight” for Russia against more advanced weapons systems such as the Himars missile launchers deployed by the United States. It has been provided to Ukraine. He said: “The presence of the Shahid 136 UAV in the war in Ukraine will undoubtedly change Kiev’s operational plans.”

Russia's heavy strikes on Ukraine with 136 Iranian drones

A large number of Ukrainian battlefields will make it difficult to defend against Shahid 136. Crino says that the Shahid 136 could be put to significant use by targeting a radar system by a drone and the latter to target artillery equipment. Iran also has anti-jamming systems that could make it difficult for Ukrainian forces to counter: “Once a witness drone locks onto a target, it will be difficult to stop it.”

Russia’s use of Shahid 136 drones in Ukraine represents the most challenging expansion of Tehran’s weapons arsenal beyond the Middle East, where Iran has successfully used its drones to pressure the United States and its allies in the region. It also points to the ineffectiveness and weakness of Russia’s own drone program, which has not been able to counter the firepower of armed drones used by Ukraine.

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