Sam Lake: Ellen Wick 2 is Remedy’s biggest project to date

Sam Lake, the acclaimed author of Max Payne and Control, recently spoke more about Alan Wake 2; A sequel he has been waiting to work on for a long time.

It’s been months since the teaser trailer for Alan Wake 2 was released, and Remedy is still looking to release it in 2023. During the latest game news, Gamesradar media went to an interview with Sam Lake to hear more explanations about Alan Wake 2 from him. Lake says he never left Ellen Wake behind and never left:

“I always fully intended to get back to him. There were always more stories to tell. Characters and story settings [جهان الن ویک] They were too valuable to be forgotten. The story of Ellen Wick continued to grow and evolve over time.”

Concept art of Alan Wake 2 game by Remedy Studio

(A new official artwork of Alan Wake 2)

Remedi’s various works, including Quantum Break, have made it appear over time that all of the main games belonging to this Finnish studio take place in different parts of a common story world. Of course, when the AWE expansion pack of Control game arrived, it became clear that the story goes beyond the existence of a few Eastrags in different games. Because there we actually saw a crossover between Control and Ellen Wake. Sam Lake says that after the full launch of the controller game, everything is finally ready for the development of Alan Wake 2.

Lake, whose works such as Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne shine in his career, has been constantly involved with Alan Wake 2 since the release of Alan Wake in 2010; Even if this conflict during several years of this 13-year time span was only focused on thinking about this sequel. He says that this long gap between the release of Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2 constantly made Alan Wake 2 bigger:

“As long as you think about a dream, you keep that dream alive. You constantly try to keep it exciting and fresh. The dream of Ellen Wick 2 became more ambitious and unique over the years. Working on a game like this is very complicated. Ellen Wake 2 is our biggest project to date and [برای ارائه‌ی آن به گیمرها] Many things must come together. Not only the concept of the game [باید به درستی شکل می‌گرفت]”But the time to work on the project and find the right partners to produce this game were also important.”

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