Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 arrives with a new chip

Samsung is likely to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series of smartwatches in a few months, but we are already seeing rumors about them. Now, according to new rumors, Samsung is going for a new chip called Exynos W980 for this family and also equips the Pro model with a physical rotating display bezel.

New chip for the Galaxy Watch 6 family

Samsung apparently wants to use a new chip after two generations of Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. This chip, called the Exynos W980, will be more than 10% faster than the Exynos W920 used in previous generations.

This chip will probably be produced with Samsung’s 5nm lithography, which will mean improved battery charging for the next generation of Korean smart watches. These smartwatches are also expected to be equipped with a larger display with a higher resolution, narrower bezels and a larger battery capacity, but that’s not all.

Another rumor says that Samsung will bring back the physical rotating bezel of the display to the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. While the Galaxy Watch 4 was equipped with a physical rotating bezel, Samsung used a virtual rotating bezel for the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro that works with motion gestures. But apparently, Samsung wants to bring the physical model back to its smartwatch.

It seems that Samsung will reduce the screen margins of the Pro model in addition to returning the physical rotating border. Therefore, we expect to face an attractive product.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series of smart watches in the upcoming summer along with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 phones. Along with these products, Apple also unveils the new generation of Apple Watch, which according to rumors, its software will experience the biggest change in the past few years. Therefore, we should expect attractive competition in this part of the market.

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