Samsung is apparently working on the development of the Old Mobile panel with higher efficiency and longer life

Last year, Samsung introduced Eco2 OLED panels with improved energy efficiency. These panels were used in Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 phones. The company is now working on developing new OLED panels for smartphones that will apparently have higher efficiency and longer lifespan.

Samsung Display and LG Display are the largest producers of OLED panels for smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs. The OLED panels of these two companies are used in various products of various brands.

Samsung’s new panels seem to last longer

Samsung Display and LG Display are working on developing OLED panels that use CPL, a low refractive index layer. This very thin CPL layer is placed on top, thereby reducing the light loss that occurs when light emitted by nearby electrodes is reflected. The coating layer that is currently used in panels has a high refraction, and adding a coating layer with low refraction to it can prevent light loss in a better way. As a result, the light efficiency, energy efficiency and lifespan of the corresponding panel are improved. However, adding a low-refractive coating layer can increase the cost and complexity of developing OLED panels.

It should be mentioned that LG uses a similar technology called MLA (Micro Lens Array) in large size OLED panels for TVs. This layer, which consists of billions of convex lenses, collects the light produced by the radiating layer and prevents it from being reflected around. As a result, OLED panels with MLA can produce 20% more brightness with the same amount of energy.

Future smartphones, tablets, and laptops with OLED displays will likely have higher brightness, higher energy efficiency, and longer lifespans using this technology. According to informed sources, Samsung Display and LG Display are apparently in talks with their biggest customers, namely Apple and Samsung’s smartphone division.

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