Samsung solves Galaxy S23 camera problems with an update

The Galaxy S23 family, and especially the Galaxy S23 Ultra, has a great performance in terms of photography and videography, but sometimes they struggle with strange problems that are mostly due to artificial intelligence. Now, Samsung has prepared a big update to improve the camera performance of these phones and will release it soon.

Samsung’s March 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 family, with a volume of about 1 GB, focuses entirely on the camera capabilities of these phones. The release of this update will begin soon in South Korea and then gradually reach the rest of the users around the world.

What does the Galaxy S23 camera update include?

Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 family camera update includes things like improving the speed and accuracy of autofocus, increasing the speed of the camera and optimizing the gallery app. Samsung has also improved the clarity of the images of the ultrawide camera of these phones in the dark environment. Strengthening the performance of optical image stabilization (OIS) and blurring of images in some photography modes are also among the things that have been paid attention to in this update. In the following, we review these changes:

  • Improved Gallery app that allows you to delete captured images even before they are fully processed.
  • Changing the autofocus algorithm in such a way that by pressing the shutter button, the photo will be recorded even if the focus is not complete. If you want photos to be recorded after full focus, you need to enable an option in the camera settings menu.
  • Increasing sharpness and reducing flicker when recording video with an ultrawide camera in a dark environment and in super steady mode. The camera app will warn you that you need more light in Super Steady mode.
  • Fixed the problem of the green bar in the corner of the image that sometimes appeared when shooting with the main camera.
  • Improved the ability to remove the vibration of videos in Full HD 60 fps recording mode and turn off the automatic frame rate change mode (Auto FPS) when recording with the main camera.
  • Improved image quality in dark environments when shooting without night mode.
  • Fixed the problem of facial recognition not working after a video call with third-party apps
  • Increasing the stability of the camera app when photographing moving subjects

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