Scientists may have found a way to increase life by 80%

According to a new study conducted by scientists, not all cells seem to age equally and follow two different paths. As a result of this laboratory study on cells, it has been said that maybe the scientists how Increased life expectancy until the 80 percent have discovered

A team from “University of California, San Diego” showed for the first time in their research that it is possible to hijack and take control of the genetic pathway related to aging of cells. According to Daily Mail, they were able to increase the lifespan of yeast cells by more than 80%. The report also states that there is no reason why this cannot be done on more complex human cells.

Increased life expectancy

The researchers wrote in their article:

“Our work represents a proof of concept that demonstrates the successful application of synthetic biology to reprogram the cellular aging process and may also provide a basis for designing synthetic gene circuits to promote longevity in more complex organisms.”

In this study, published by the journal Science, scientists used yeast cells as a model to investigate the aging process. They have pointed out that two patterns have been observed in yeast cell senescence, which either cause branching of the cell’s protein-making properties or disrupt its energy production.

One of these pathways causes cell death, and it is not clear which one occurs.

80% increase in lifespan

Human cell

Despite these conditions, researchers at the University of California, San Diego have engineered a new genetic circuit that allows cells to regularly switch between two aging mechanisms, preventing aging at a normal rate. They concluded that these cells lived 82 percent longer than cells that had not been manipulated.

While this study was conducted on a small, single-celled fungus used to make bread, the team plans to conduct its research on different types of human cells, such as stem cells and neurons. Although it will not be possible to live forever, scientists may be able to extend human life in this way.

Human cells are referred to as small factories that carry out all the important processes that our body needs to live. However, their chemical reactions can produce toxic waste products that gradually accumulate and damage our DNA and other cellular components as we age.

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