Scotland broke the record by installing the deepest turbine in a sea farm

As part of its plans for the Seagreen offshore wind farm off the coast of Angus, Scotland, a Scottish energy company called SSE The deepest wind turbine marine installed the world.

The company explains in its press release that the 114th of Seagreen’s 114 turbines at a depth of approx. 58 meters It has been installed, which sets a new record for it. Graham Stewart, Minister of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, hailed the commissioning of the turbine as “a fantastic milestone for Scotland and the UK offshore wind industry”.

Operation time and amount of energy that can be produced by Seagreen marine farm

Offshore wind turbine

Seagreen has started generating electricity since August 2021 and is expected to be fully operational by the summer of 2023. Each of the new piers launched for Seagreen is equipped with a 10 MW Vestas V164 turbine, which under ideal conditions can generate up to 10,000 kilowatts of power.

Once fully operational later this year, the Seagreen offshore wind farm will be able to generate as much as 1,075 megawatts of electricity. 1.6 million homes produce energy The £3bn farm is being developed by SSE in partnership with French oil and gas company TotalEnergies.

The sea farm is expected to generate more than 500 gigawatt hours of electricity annually, enough to provide clean and sustainable energy for around 1.6 million British households, or almost two-thirds of Scotland’s population.

Marine turbine

Alistair Phillips-Davies, CEO of SSE, claims that the UK has become a world leader in offshore wind. He wrote in the company’s statement about the installation of the new turbine:

“This is not only an important step towards the completion of the project, but also demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our advancement at the frontiers of technology.”

SSE, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy producers, plans to invest £12.5 billion by 2026 in initiatives that will ease the UK’s transition to a net zero economy.

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