Season game will change the way you think about adventure games

Storytelling in video games is becoming more and more complex. From AAA games that tell stories at the level of movies to live service games that prepare the story bit by bit for their audience. In the meantime, adventure games take a more classic path, telling stories more on the same formula that was modernized by Tell Tail studio games. The game Season from Scavengers studio conveys such a feeling at first, but then you realize that this game has come to change your view of adventure games.

I have been following Season since some time before its release. This game was introduced at Game Awards 2020 and had a strange feeling. After experiencing Season, I must say that the game is even more mystical and deep than it seems. As it is clear from the full name of the game or Season: A Letter to the Future, the game is about a letter to the future. A letter written by a young girl you control in the game about her current life situation. He lives in a small village and has never seen outside of this village. A village that is going to be destroyed by a natural event soon, and now he has the opportunity to collect different memories from all corners of this world and leave them for the future.

In this game, in addition to having a dialogue system and the ability to interact with the environment, you can record memories in different ways. Your character can take notes, take pictures and even record various events and leave all this in his diary for others. Therefore, the game does not have a coherent and cinematic rhythm and prefers that you search every corner of the environment and find new clues. To be fair, the game will not be boring at all due to its extremely attractive art style, and you will not get tired of seeing the attention to detail.

Season game has one of the best possible concepts among the new adventure games and it has well understood that in order to gamify an idea, it must not discuss life and death. This is a case that even good games such as Tell Tail titles and even Life is Strange games were not very successful in implementing it. In Season, we face a dimension beyond ourselves, and although the player does not have to worry about death in this game, he can still enjoy small tasks such as writing a journal, taking photos, and talking to other people, and make the world a better place. understand well Games like Season promise that everything in the world of video games is not drawn to busy and full of action and still experimental games can satisfy the audience of the adventure genre.

Season: A Letter to the Future is available on Steam for $25 and is currently a console exclusive for PlayStation 4 and 5.

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