See the face of the oldest skeleton discovered in Egypt, 30 thousand years old + photo

Using 3D technology and skeletal remains, Brazilian scientists have created a digital face of a man who is about 30 thousand years ago He lived in Egypt.

With the help of the remains of this man’s skeleton, which was obtained in 1980 in the archaeological site of Nazlet Khater 2 in Egypt, scientists managed to create the structure of this man’s face. In the anthropological studies of scientists, it was found that this man had African ancestry and died between the ages of 17 and 29. His height is estimated to be around 160 cm.

How to reconstruct this man’s face with the help of its skeleton

During the creation of the 3D image of the man, the scientists noticed that parts of his skull were not available. To solve this problem, they used computed tomography (CT) scanning techniques to image the opposite side of the skull.

After creating the rough structure, they used photogrammetry to digitally stitch the images together, resulting in two virtual 3D models of the man.

The first image produced, which is in black and white, shows the man with his eyes closed. The second image has a mix of artistic features added to it and shows a man with tousled dark hair and a short beard.

According to Live Science, one of the features of the skull that attracted the attention of researchers was the man’s jaw, which has some differences compared to modern humans. It is stated in the scientists’ article:

“Generally speaking, this skull is considered modern, but it has ancient elements; such as the large respiratory tract of the lower jaw and the protrusion of the pitted jaw.”

According to the study of scientists, this is the oldest human skeleton discovered in Egypt and it can also be one of the oldest skeletons in the world.

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