Selling a first generation Akband iPhone with a Lucky You sticker for $40,000

In recent times, several first-generation Akband iPhones have been sold by holding auctions, and now it’s time for another one of these products that has a “Lucky You” sticker on it in reverse. This iPhone model A1203 was sold at an auction for $40,320.

The duration of the auction for this iPhone was short and approximately 12 hours. The intended price for this iPhone was in the range of 40 thousand to 60 dollars, however, contrary to expectations, this iPhone was sold in the lower price range. One of the reasons for this could be a small hole in the plastic around the box.

Although $40,000 is about twice the price of a car like the Tesla Model 3, it’s a long way from the $63,000 record. Last month, a first-generation Apple iPhone was sold at an auction for a record-breaking $63,356.

Selling the Akband iPhone for $40,000

Unlike today’s iPhones, until a few years ago, there were chargers and even headphones in the box of iPhones. According to the X-Ray scans, the equipment is completely inside the box of the first generation iPhone sold. As we said, on the box of this iPhone, there is a Lucky You label, which is apparently related to the sale of the iPhone during the holidays and is part of its optional gift box.

The first generation iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 and was priced at $599 for the 8GB model. So the iPhone that was recently sold at auction is 67 times more expensive than the original price of the iPhone. Of course, considering that there are few first-generation iPhones in the world with suitable conditions, their sale at high prices is not surprising.

Probably, in the future, we will again see the sale of the first-generation ACband iPhones, and maybe even the record of 63 thousand dollars will be moved.

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