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Selling one million copies of Among Us VR game

The creators of Among Us VR game announced that more than one million copies of this fun game have been sold so far.

Based on the latest news of the game studio world Innersloth announced that the virtual reality version of Among Us has sold more than one million copies. This work was officially introduced in the middle of spring this year and was made available to users in November.

Along with announcing the amount of sales of this virtual reality game, the developer studio also provided other interesting information about this work.

The character of the game Among Us

According to Inraslath Studio, the game Among Us VR has been played and experienced by users since its release on November 10 (19 November) until now, with an average number of 44,000 per day. The players of the virtual reality version of Among Us belong to 112 different countries. They spent a total of 89 million minutes engaged in various tasks, sabotage and cheating in the game. This work is now available on the Steam, MetaQuest and Rift stores and those interested can purchase it.

In this game, users perform various activities in a defunct and destroyed ship, and a person in the role of a killer has the task of sabotage. Along with maintaining the essence and core gameplay of the original game, Among Us virtual reality version of voice and text chat and The online multiplayer section brings 4 to 10 players. Also, this work supports crossplay between different virtual reality headsets available in the market.

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