Should we buy Iranian or foreign hosting? Differences between Iranian and foreign

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In your opinion, what are the differences between Iranians and foreigners? Currently, there are various businesses that have launched websites or online stores in order to communicate more with customers. One of the primary requirements for being on the global Internet is hosting services.
Many companies are located inside and outside Iran to provide hosting services, and various businesses are their customers. But this question has always been raised: should we buy Iranian or foreign hosting? In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between Iranian and foreign hosting and inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of Iranian and foreign hosting. After reading this article, you will get to know all the differences between Iranian and foreign.

SEO performance in Iranian and foreign hosting services

Many and varied topics are discussed in the field of SEO and site optimization, according to which the site’s rank can be increased. Network experts usually say that using external servers is more suitable for high ranking. Because external servers are closer to the servers of search engines like Google and will be indexed more easily. But this does not mean that the SEO of a store site using an Iranian host will cause the ranking of the site to deteriorate.

The speed of site access to search engines is very important, and for a better ranking in Google, your site will get a good score by following important SEO points; Therefore, in general, Iranian and foreign hosts can be used. Only basic SEO tips should be observed on the site.

Differences between Iranian and foreign hosts; Which one is faster?

One of the most important issues for various businesses in the web space is the high speed of the site. When the desired site is uploaded faster, it will not lose the audience and the site will have a higher percentage of sales. This issue is very important for store sites. To design a store website, use the services of the best store builder website to have more customers.
The geographic location of the server that hosts a website has a direct impact on the site’s loading speed. In general, the closer the server is to the users, the faster the site loads. If the majority of your site’s users are Iranian and enter the site from inside Iran, it is better to use an Iranian host. Iranian hosting has a much higher speed for Iranian users. Also note that if site visitors are located outside of Iran, foreign hosts should be used for better loading speed.

Information security in Iranian and foreign hosts

Currently, the security of the global Internet network has become much more advanced than before, and the ways of hacking and hacking sites are becoming more difficult every day. In general, use Iranian hosts to launch important and sensitive sites such as government or university sites. Due to the fact that external hosts do not have access to internal hosts, it is more difficult to infiltrate the site.
But if the information inside the site is not confidential, you can also use external servers. For example, you have set up a site for retail and they use the facilities of your store site to buy and sell products, there will be no difference between internal and external server hosts. To set up such a site, you have the ability to use both Iranian and foreign hosts.

It is definitely important to use strong hardware in hosting servers. When the hosting server has better hardware, it offers higher speed and more special features to its customers. In examining the differences between Iranian and foreign hosts, we must mention that domestic servers often have good and acceptable hardware.
However, the sanctions have caused extremely powerful computer parts to enter the Iranian market later, and there is no valid warranty for these parts. This has made foreign servers have better facilities in the field of hardware. Of course, you should pay attention to the type of business and site. They often use Iranian hosts for shopping and commercial sites.

fee paid; Iranian or foreign hosts

The cost of foreign hosts is usually paid in international currencies, and due to the fluctuating price of currency, we suggest using hosts inside Iran. Also, if you intend to launch a website at a reasonable price, prioritize the use of Iranian hosts. Of course, it should be kept in mind that sometimes the differences between Iranian and foreign prices are not much different from each other. But at a time when the price of currency increases, using foreign hosting will not be cost-effective.

Shapafa store maker; From zero to one hundred site setup and purchases

In this article, we examined the advantages and disadvantages of Iranian and foreign hosting servers and pointed out the differences between Iranian and foreign hosting. In general, there are many companies inside and outside Iran to buy hosting services. It is definitely easier to communicate with companies inside Iran and provide support in Iran than with foreign companies. Be sure to keep various issues in mind when shopping for hosting. We recommend that if you plan to start a website or an online store, you must visit Shopfa’s store builder site.

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