Show fighting magic in the new trailer of Forspoken

In the new trailer of Forspoken, Luminous Productions Studio has shown the use of various types of magic in combat.

The Luminous Productions studio previously showed in detailed trailers how to navigate the map and the parkour skills of Frey’s character in the game Forspoken. Now, in a new trailer, the studio has focused on the use of various types of magic in fighting enemies and shows fans Frey’s various offensive skills.

Frey’s offensive and magical skills show begins with Purple Magic, which allows players to hurl large rocks at enemies. The next magic skill is Shot and will be used in a variety of ways including charging up for a powerful shot or smaller but quick shots.

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Next, we can see the magical power of Red Magic, which makes two skills Fusillade available to hit enemies with fiery blades and Legion to summon some fiery soldiers to help Frey. Frey can also use a sword called Slice to damage enemies in a large area or throw it at enemies to cause an explosion.

Of course, Frey will not only rely on his magical skills in combat, and he can also use the capabilities of his golden bracelet and his spokesperson, Cuff. Cuff can sometimes hit enemies without Free’s intervention and even allow players to counterattack. Also, Cuff can scan different areas to find important points or the location of enemies and provide information about enemies’ weak points to Frey.

In addition to these, Frey will have several other spells at his disposal that will eventually allow Frey to use Surge Magic for a devastating attack. Finally, in the new Forspoken trailer, we saw that Frey can destroy damaged enemies with a finishing move.

Use magic in Forspoken combat

The Forspoken game is scheduled to be released on PC and PlayStation 5 platforms on 4 Bahman 1401 (January 24, 2023).

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