Show fights in the new trailer of the game Blight: Survival

In the new trailer of Blight: Survival, Haenir Studio has shown the fight against zombies and stealth movement in the environment.

Blight: Survival is a zombie survival game developed by Haenir Studio. The violent story and action of this game takes place in the Middle Ages; When the armies of two big countries are at war with each other in a land. Haenir studio has released a new gameplay trailer of this game, where we can see fighting zombies using swords and bows.

Blight: Survival is still in the pre-alpha stage and this released trailer will not necessarily reflect the final quality of the game. In this game, the soldiers are infected by a virus and become zombies when it spreads through the body through the blood. Players in Blight: Survival must destroy these zombies with the help of some other soldiers. Also, the soldiers of the enemy front are present in different places and players can avoid conflict with them by moving secretly.

Encountering a mushroom creature in Blight: Survival

The dead and ruined world of Blight: Survival game will have various secrets to discover in its corners. Also, players can find all kinds of loot and coins and even get noble weapons or armor in some loots. Due to the roguelite style of Blight: Survival, players will lose their loot when they are killed, but in the end, explorations can pay off well for the players’ efforts.

Download video from Aparat

Blight: Survival does not have a specific release date and is currently being developed only for the PC platform.

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