Showcasing three or four very large games at the Summer Gamefest 2023 conference

hours before Jeff Keely He provided the fans with new details from the Summer Game Fest 2023 conference.

The video game industry will spend exciting and busy hours in the coming days. First of all, we must mention the latest PlayStation Showcase, which is scheduled to be held on Wednesday of this week, on May 24 (3 June 1402) at 11:30 p.m. Tehran time. There is a process for holding it.

We should also mention the Xbox Games Showcase and Ubisoft Forward events, which are not far away. On the other hand, we know that the ceremony Summer Gamefest will return on June 8 this year (June 18, 1402). Now, according to the latest news of the game world, new information about this event has been made available.

Jeff Kelly's smile while holding the microphone and performing in front of the Game Awards audience

Earlier this month, a list of companies scheduled to participate in the event became available. Among the companies present at the event, we can mention Sony, Microsoft, CD Project Red, Ubisoft, Activision, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and Capcom. It is interesting to know that during last year’s event, Sony unveiled the remake version of The Last of Us.

In his latest talk with the Epic Games website, Jeff Keely announced that this year’s event is going to bring three or four very big introductions. Also, this person confirmed that Summer Game Fest 2023 will last about two hours; The duration will be almost the same as last year’s ceremony.

What works do you think will be introduced in this event? Share your views on the latest gaming news with Zoomji and other users.

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